The Colors of Tourmaline

Tourmaline gems are found all over the world. Most of the mines are in Brazil, Sri Lanka and South-West Africa. There are also a few mines in the United States, mainly in California and Maine.  The finer quality tourmalines are very rare and for that reason, top quality tourmaline is very expensive. Less rare Tourmalines come in many shades and colors, but the better qualities are mostly in green, pink, red and blue.

  • Red Tourmaline is known as a ‘Rubellite‘ which is the same as an intense pink tourmaline. The color becomes so dark that it resembles a ruby.
  • Blue tourmalines are known as ‘Indigolites’ and intense blue Tourmalines are called “Paraiba.”
  • Yellowish-brown to dark brown is known as ‘Dravite’ and intense yellow is called “Canary Tourmaline.”
  • Bi-color tourmaline is known as “Watermelon Tourmaline.”  Different shades can be seen in one stone – very cool because the gem changes colors as it’s moved.
  • Cat’s Eye Tourmaline is a cab Tourmaline and has an eye in the center of the stone.
  • Green Tourmaline is known as a ‘Verdelite’ and more intense green gems are known as “Chrome Tourmaline.”

No two Tourmalines are exactly alike, and most are untreated. This gemstone has an endless number of faces, and for that reason it suits all moods. This gem has many meanings from the ancient times. it’s a gem that has magical power and you will feel very powerful wearing tourmaline jewelry! Tourmaline is also known as the gemstone of love and friendship.
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