The Bright Basics of Sunless Tanning

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Orange is a fruit juice, not the shade we want our skin to look after self tanning. Sunless tanners are easy and painless to use with the right products and understanding. With this step-by-step guide on the basics of self tanners anyone can achieve a bronzed look from the comfort of their home. We may come to miss the beach and sunny skies but we’re going to love the way our new tan looks!


1. Exfoliate Your Skin

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It’s important to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells before applying a self tanner so the product can absorb into your skin fully and evenly. Giving your skin a gentle buff can be achieved using a shower brush like this scrubber set by Daily Concepts with specialty pieces for the face, body, and back that have different sensitivities to exfoliation. You can also use a bath scrub with exfoliating beads or granules like this smoothing body exfoliator from Ahava.

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2. Be Sure To Shave

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Shaving is also another form of exfoliation as it removes unwanted hair and some dead skin cells. If we were to shave after applying a bronzer our razors would actually remove some of the product and diminish its effects. A clean, shaven surface will ensure that the self tanner spreads easily across skin for a balanced glow. If you need to remove hair on your body and face the no!no! Hair Removal System can take care of both at home so you can easily plan to self tan at the best time for you.


3. Moisturize Carefully

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Typically after exfoliating or shaving you want to moisturize your skin but don’t use it too soon before applying a sunless tanner.  Bronzing product absorbs best into the skin when there isn’t a prior layer of lotion to block it. The exception to that rule though is to use moisturizer on extra-dry areas like elbows, knees, knuckles, and your personal trouble spots. Dry patches can over-absorb product making them too dark in contrast to the rest of the skin so moisturizing with a duo like the pomegranate body cream and face cream by Perlier will help prevent that type of blotchiness.


4. Apply The Product

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Today there are a lot of great products that don’t have the harsh scents and tell-tale orange glow of sunless tanners from long ago.  One of the best innovations in sunless tanners is the applicator mitt. No more staining bath towels or our hands. An applicator mitt allows the product to glide evenly over the skin and helps ensure a streak-free, final tan. This bronzing mousse 2-piece kit by Karora combines easy mitt application with a custom color tanning mousse. The mousse will adjust its color to your unique skin tone to render a seemingly natural, golden tan.


5. Post-Application Care

After applying a self tanner wear loose, dark clothing to avoid staining your clothes. The longer you let the product set before showering, swimming, or sweating the deeper the bronze will develop. After your first shower pat your skin gently to dry off to avoid removing too much color.


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