The Best Undergarments For Every Type of Outfit

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Sheer tops, spandex leggings, open back and low cut dresses–these are the fun puzzles we have to riddle out when choosing our underwear! With the right undergarments, though, you can wave goodbye to any worries about panty lines, exposed bra straps, and wrinkled shaping. There are 5 simple items that every woman should have ready in her wardrobe that will make her feel more confident and comfortable in her clothes.


1) Slips


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Slips might have an old-fashioned rap but there’s a good reason they’re still in production today! A nude and a black slip are perfect for sheer dresses that just need a little more coverage underneath. Test a dress in full daylight to truly see how transparent it is; 9 times out of 10 it’s more see-through than it appeared indoors. Slips are also the solution for dresses that tend to cling but only around the rear, hiding panty lines with the smoothing layer.


2) Shapewear


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Along the lines of a slip but with strong elasticity, shapewear is a must for any clingy wrap dress, hugging top, or pencil skirt. While erasing panty lines, shapewear will also redefine your natural curves under heavier fabrics and streamline your shape to disguise any problem areas. Shapewear has become a regular topic of conversation at entertainment award shows, so I know that if the pros are using it, it should be in my closet too. Yummie by Heather Thomson makes a large variety of shapewear for tops, bottoms, and combo pieces that have varying levels of hold.


3) Seamless Underwear


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Seamless underwear will completely disappear under any layer you put over it because it’s specially cut with a laser to give it virtually no edge; they’re also super comfortable! When you choose to wear a satin or shiny fabric that is tight-fitting seamless underwear are perfect as they hug your curves but are thin to minimize any raised effect.  These are also a good choice for workout attire and leggings. Rhonda Shear has a line of underwear that makes seamless stylish.


4) Layering Pieces


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When you want extra coverage, whether it’s for a low-cut top or a too-short skirt, go with quality layers that are stylish enough to be visible. Camis, tanks, crop tops, and leggings are layering staples you should have ready in your wardrobe in multiple colors. The added bonus is that some of the items can be found with “control” top options that will give shaping capability but less so than shapewear. Halftee offers a line of fashionable layers that are set off with lace, shine, and alluring colors that are cute enough to wear on their own.


5) Accessories


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Nipple covers, bra extenders and strap converters, deodorant sponges, and double-sided tape: splurge on these, period. Every woman’s body is unique and even with the best aforementioned underwear there will be moments where a little extra tweaking is necessary. Nipple covers, or petals as they’re sometimes called, are adhesive and worn with outfits that can be styled without a bra, or to give an ever smoother finish to an outfit with high-sheen or cling. Double-sided tape is also handy for holding down fly away fabric and minimizing a revealing top. Pure Style Girlfriends Mega Kit includes all of these needed tools in one package with a storage bag for on-the-go styling.


What’s one undergarment that is a staple in your wardrobe?

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