The Best Shape Shifter Jeans for Fluctuating Weight

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Some of us see a weight shift with the seasons or changing hormones, and no matter the situation when our weight fluctuates getting dressed becomes a real challenge. A few pounds up or down and suddenly our favorite jeans feel like they weren’t made for us anymore. Enough is enough! It’s time to find pieces that we love that can give and take in our wardrobes for every day of the year. Look for these cuts, fabrics, and styles for fluctuating weight jeans and love the way you look!


1. Focus On Fabric

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Shopping for fluctuating weight jeans can be tricky because classic denim is a rigid material. Buying bottoms in two different sizes, though, isn’t the best solution. Instead invest in fashions that can adjust their fit as needed. Materials like my SuperStretch denim use a combination of cotton with spandex that is specially designed for movement and a comfort fit. This DG2 SuperStretch Lite Skinny Jean is a great example of bottoms made from this specialty fabric that can expand or shrink while keeping their shape.


2. Find Your Silhouette

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It can be easy during weight fluctuations to fall back on baggy clothes that cover up the inconsistencies but our figure is beautiful at any size and we shouldn’t hide it. Try wearing bottoms with a silhouette that is a happy medium between super fitted and drawstrings like this Wide-Leg Stretch Denim Sailor Jean. With more of a boot-cut style these jeans will have a breathable fit throughout the leg.  Also with the higher, stretch waistline they’ll give you a shapely figure for wearing fitted tops.


3. Attend To The Details

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Attention to detail on alternative fabrics is really important because we want a pant that looks normal and familiar to us so it fits in with the rest of our wardrobe. These Stretch Denim Skinny Jeggings have a hint of spandex to work with the wearer and they’re outfitted with accessories like belt loops, pockets, and a sewn-up fly. All of these details help preserve the full “look” of denim that make jeggings almost indistinguishable from a traditional jean so no one has to be the wiser about your fashion choices.


What’s one of your tricks for dressing through the ups and downs of weight fluctuations?

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