The Art of Suiting Up With A Jumpsuit

The Art of Suiting Up With A Jumpsuit

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No we don’t mean suiting up in the classic pant/skirt business suit sense, we’re talking about another type of powersuit: The Jumpsuit. This little fashion trend of the 1970’s has been reborn into the 21st century with a little less shoulder pads and a lot more style. One piece outfits are the perfect remedy to early mornings and lazy days and jumpsuits are at the top of the list. But there are a few things to keep in mind to make this jumper truly suit our needs.


1. The Waist

Where an outfit cinches on the body can make a big difference; it draws the eye up or down a frame. Certain types of cinching can also makes us appear taller, thinner, heavier, more curvaceous etc. On a jumpsuit you need to know going in what area you want to emphasize based on the where the waistline is. A drop waist works well for those with long torsos or who want to lengthen the trunk. A drawstring waist can create the look of curves. A high waist with an adjustable belt is an almost universally good look too. It lengthens the leg, slims the waist, and offers versatility for styling the belt. The Nikki by Nikki Poulos “Ariella” Burnout Jumpsuit has a high waist and can be styled as seen with a thick belt for even more emphasis.

 Nikki by Nikki Poulos "Ariella" Burnout Jumpsuit


2. The Sleeves

Three quarter length, full arm, sleeveless, spaghetti strap–there’s a multitude of different styles when it comes to sleeves and on a jumpsuit the type matters. The sleeves will reflect the attitude of the outfit so if we want a work appropriate jumpsuit three-quarter sleeves, or a short sleeve with structure are sophisticated choices. For relaxed atmospheres sleeveless  or spaghetti strap are perfect and comfortable. For a fancy night out, off-the-shoulder styles look lovely and romantic.


3. The Neckline

Classic cuts and v-necks are two common trends for structuring the tops of jumpsuits but there are some lesser known styles to be acquainted with. The bib-neck is a high rise neckline that hits just below the throat. The scoop neck will dip down loosely to the sternum, giving the outfit a laid-back feel. Since jumpsuits offer all over coverage, the neckline is the main focus. A v-neck is a great cut to reveal a pop of skin and give the outfit some edge but it looks best when anchored in place by thicker straps on top or a full sleeve like with the Nikki by Nikki Poulos “Samba” Jumpsuit.

Nikki by Nikki Poulos "Samba" Jumpsuit


4. The Leg

Today almost every style of pants like skinny, wide leg, cropped, bootcut, shorts, and more can be found in jumpsuits. A semi-loose straight leg is clean and classic and works well for the office. Shorts, of course, are great for running around town on the weekends but can also work for nights out if paired with a slick jacket like the CJ by Cookie Johnson “Believe” Blazer with Pockets. For wider styles like culottes or flared bottoms consider a jumpsuit with patterned fabric. It will help to tame the excess of material and keep the overall look chic.


How do you rock a jumpsuit in your wardrobe?

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