The 5 Germiest Items in Your Home This Spring

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Our homes can look spic and span without any visible dirt but there are still germs that linger in our favorite spaces and on the items we use the most. If you’re looking to freshen up and sanitize your home start with these 5 household hotspots for bacteria to be a spring cleaning hero!


1. Sinks

Remnants of food  and water collect in the bathroom or kitchen sinks and it’s not a pretty situation with possible traces of E. coli and salmonella. Clean up your sink’s act using the Earth Brite Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. It’s a tough scrub with a strong cleaner, polish, and protectant all in one. Earthbrite’s cleaner is great for multiple surfaces in the house like the shower, counter tops, and appliances too.


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2. Sponges

Sponges are a calling card for bacteria with so much exposure to food and damp. Trade in your sponge for microfiber hand towels; they are super absorbent and dry fast to prohibit mold and mildew growth. Hand towels can also be run through the laundry with your regular load. MicroKlen offers a pack of 50 Microfiber towels so you could change them out every day of the week if you like!


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3. Electronics

I love my electronics but they seem to love germs, it’s a tough relationship. TV remotes can travel all over the house and be handled by multiple people which make them an easy carrier for bacteria. Wipe down your electronics with a sanitizing wipe like Shock It Clean Extreme 100-Count Multipurpose Wipes by Professor Amos and practice meticulous hand-washing to minimize passing germs.


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4. Floors

Most of us have some carpeting at home, after all it’s warm and comfortable on our feet. Unfortunately dust mites and micro-bacteria can collect in the carpet’s fibers. The easy solution with carpets is to remove shoes at the door, vacuum atleast once per week, and use a steam cleaner to get a truly deep. Hard floors can also be porous and hold dirt but with a tool like the BISSELL® Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop you knock out two jobs in one machine.


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5. Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes can grow mold and mildew from being put away in a drawer while still wet. Air drying your toothbrush is the preferred method but store it away from the toilet. Each toilet flush with the lid up can send dirty bacteria into the air that will settle on nearby surfaces, including your toothbrush. Now that’s a little more inspiration to replace our toothbrushes regularly! 


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What spot in your home needs the most deep-clean attention this Spring?

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