The 4 Beauty Brushes You Need In Your Makeup Bag

The 4 Beauty Brushes You Need In Your Makeup Bag

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Have you ever wondered what all those oddly sized and shaped brushes are for? Makeup brushes are a tool like any other and each has a unique use in application. We wouldn’t try to apply our eyeshadow with a blush brush but some of the other differences between brushes are harder to decipher. Read our breakdown on brush etiquette to learn how to maximize your makeup bag.


The 4 Beauty Brushes You Need In Your Makeup Bag


1. Angled Face Brush

This makeup brush looks similar to a common powder brush but it is used for contouring the face.  The angle of this brush aligns with the hollows of the cheeks, jaw-line, and the temple area making it ideal for creating clear definition. Swirl the brush in your contour or highlight palette and then let the angle hug the area you wish to sculpt.


2. Concealer Brush

When we need to artfully cover up a blemish or hyperpigmentation we will want a concealer brush. They are smaller than foundation brushes and are used for spot application of cream or liquid concealers. A concealer brush is one of the best brushes to own to create a smooth and controlled application. Use light layers on the area that needs concealing and then blend out with feathering strokes.


3. Eyeliner Brush

Do you love the look of a sleek cat’s eye? The eyeliner brush will be your best friend to achieve it. This brush has a pointed end not unlike our eyeliner but it can be used for liquid, gel, or powder liners. Brushes with an angled tip make it easy to swipe a clean line across the lid effortlessly. They can also double as an eyebrow brush in a pinch!


4. Eyeshadow Brush

These brushes can come in variety of sizes to apply eyeshadow over different areas of the eyelid. The defining feature of eyeshadow brushes is that the tighter the bristles are packed together the more color will be delivered with each stroke. For ease of application it’s best to have a few different sizes on hand to cover the entire lid, highlight the inner crease, and a smudge brush for creating a smokey eye.


The Faux Tortoise Shell Brush Collection by ybf beauty is a great basic starter kit for brushes that includes all of the four aforementioned beauty tools. For more advanced makeup application, a foundation brush and a stippling brush are a must for flawless skin. For long lasting lip color, a lip brush provides fuller coverage that sets into the lips better than swiped on lipstick.


Which beauty brush do you find the most effective?

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