The 3 Most Important Things To Know About Face Oils

The 3 Most Important Things To Know About Face Oils

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Next time you reach for the olive oil when cooking you might consider rubbing a little of that luscious liquid into your face too. Face oils have emerged as one of the best new ways to moisturize and plump up skin. Oils have been used as facial emollients in the East for many years but the secrets behind these treatments have only trickled down to our beauty world recently. Here are a few things to know to help you get slick to this new skincare practice.


1. Oils As Antioxidants

Oils often get a bad rap in our beauty books for causing shine or running makeup but they tout some tremendous antioxidant benefits. For example botanical oils like argan, passion fruit, and African marula oils can aid in protecting our skin from free-radicals that can cause premature skin of aging. Another example would be rose oils. Rose oil offer a high level of Vitamin C that helps with repairing skin damage, fine lines, and skin discoloration. The Wild Rose Oil by Korres is a great face oil suitable for most skin types.

Korres Wild Rose Oil


2. Oils As Master Absorbers

Since oils are a form of lipids they can penetrate the phospholipid bilayer of our skin. This allows face oils to be absorbed into our skin cells, as opposed to just sitting on the surface of the skin. Applied before using a serum or anti-aging product, face oils can help these skin care treatments to also be absorbed along with them into the deepest layers of our skin where they can do the most good.


3. Oils & Our Internal Clock

As we age our natural oil production begins to drop off which makes fine lines and wrinkles look larger and more defined. Adding a face oil into our skincare routine is a great way to maintain moisture balance in the skin and it’ll help plump up creases and fine lines. Certain face oils also offer skin calming benefits that can help with inflammation and irritation.


Have you ever used face oil before?

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