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Serious Skin CareThanks to everyone for joining in our shows in September – we were so excited to introduce our NEW SuperSize program – where we will on occasion take a POPULAR item that we are seldom able to show on HSN and double, triple, quadruple, etc…  Because of your enthusiasm – the return of our SuperSize Phyto Pumpkin Scrub sold out in just 2 days.  Our SuperSize Rulinea Hand is now a huge favorite.  For October, we will return to HSN with 2 NEW SuperSized favorites – our SuperSize InstAGleam Body and our SuperSize SuperMel C. Remember the SuperSize items are produced in very limited quantities and if you see one offered that’s a favorite – or if you ever wanted to try – SUPERSIZE TIME IS THE TIME TO BUY.
We are working on our “list” for SuperSize consideration in 2014.   Be sure to post here on this blog your “wishlist”  –  let us know here what item you’d like to see offered in a SuperSize.
I look forward to seeing your posts.
Happy Fall,

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