Tales from Tucson

Tales from Tucson: Good Friends; Great Finds!
I just arrived home from the greatest show on earth! For two weeks every year the desert city of Tucson is awash in precious stones. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is a world wide network of cultures where one can rub elbows with gemstone enthusiasts from every continent on the globe (except Antarctica!).
During our stay – my son, Carlos (a Graduate Gemologist), and I met a vast array of interesting people from miners to gallery owners, designers to gem dealers. Everyone has their own story to tell, and for “rock hounds” like us – it was a slice of heaven!

“Rock Collecting” with my son, Carlos.Dinner with Carlos and Designer
friends, Kenny + Heather
Each day was like heading out on a gem exploration. Wearing comfortable shoes and toting plenty of water (to stay hydrated under the Tucson sun) we immersed ourselves into the world of gemstones. In 5 short days we experienced the cutting edge of rocks and minerals. This spring and summer on HSN you will see the fruits of our journey. We found amazing faceted Drusy, Brazilian Kunzite, Huge Mexican Opal, Indian Ruby and Sapphire, jumbo pearls, exotic jaspers, ancient fossils, Oregon Sunstone….and the list goes on and on!!
The early bird gets the gemstones! 
The highlight of the trip was spending the day with two of the most talented jewelry designers I’ve ever met: Richard and Marianna Jacobs. I’ve admired the Jacobs’ jewelry designs for years – and many of you will recognize this husband and wife team (and their beautiful offerings) as they have been showcasing their jewelry on television for more than a decade. I’m thrilled to announce that Richard and Marianna will be bringing their glorious collection of Sajen Silver to HSN’s Silver Gallery on March 28th. I can’t wait to introduce them and for you to see their stunning hand made jewelry! We had so much fun at the show together meeting with gem dealers, discovering new finds and getting inspiration for upcoming collections. Mark your calendar for March 28th (at midnight) for a jewelry event you won’t want to miss!
Gem Hunting with Richard + Marianna JacobsMeeting with Gem Dealers.
Flintsone size Geodes! 
2009 is sure to be a “gem of a time” on HSN! I hope you can join us as we share the many wonders that were uncovered in Tucson this year. Saddle up, gemstone lovers – it’s going to be an exciting ride!
Happy Trails,
Answers to Questions
Hi Bera in PA – I love all of your suggestions! Many of the things you are looking for are already in the works! Himalayan Gems is bringing in stunning Moonstone and other Silver Treasures from Nepal; your suggestion for Technibond from India is a good one….I will forward your request to our buyer. I will also pass on your ideas for more stainless steal jewelry. Take good care 🙂
Mary in Oregon – Himalayan Gems will be returning for February’s Silver Gallery on the 21st…..The amethyst pendant should be back for this show!
Howdy Becky in Texas – You are correct – the jade interchangeable pendant is not Imperial Jade, but rather the color of Imperial Jade (which I have been taught is close to an emerald green color). Thanks for your feedback and for watching HSN.
For Bev in Michigan – The cuff box is scheduled return in March for our Silver Gallery Anniversary (on the 28th)….Hope you can watch!
Hello Amanda in GA – (fellow Drusy lover!) You are asking about the Drusy rings I’ve been wearing……They are truly amazing and they will be the first Drusy Today’s Special we’ve offered on HSN!! The rings will be here on March 28 at midnight – the window Drusy is faceted (first of it’s kind) and will be offered in Violet Rainbow, Sunset Gold and Black Diamond (platinum). I can’t wait to show it to you on the 28!!
Malissa in California – nice to hear from you! I’m happy to hear you love your cuff box…..and we will be featuring gorgeous flower inspired jewelry for spring (you’re a girl after my own heart) so stay tuned!
Nancy in IN – Greetings! I miss Paul and Judy, too….I believe Paul has a web site where you can find out what they’ve been up to. Regarding Suzanne Somers: Suzanne will always be one of my favorite people to work with….we’ve shared so many great times together (on and off the air) and I always look forward to her shows!!
Hello Lois in IL – I was looking at the First Lady’s inauguration white dress and it appears she’s wearing diamonds (and not pearls!). I noticed she had on a gorgeous diamond cocktail ring, earrings and stack bracelets. Michelle also seems to loves to wear a short strand of large pearls (10 to 12 mm)….They look gorgeous on her and we have something like it in the works for May!
Hi Granny in IL – 🙂 We saw the most beautiful new collection of jewelry from Thailand when we were in Tucson….We hope to debut it in May – stay tuned!
Pam in OH – Always great to hear from you! I’m so happy you like your MFT v-neck top – the neckline is perfect for jewelry! We have an hour of new My Favorite Things fashion coming up on February 22nd at 11:00 pm eastern……We have some great items for both work and “play” (If I recall you are always looking for things you can wear for work). I will talk to our buyers about bringing in size 4 rings…..We have a big jewelry meeting on Friday and I’ll be sure to bring this up as a topic for discussion 🙂
For Atesha in NJ – I will check out the Casino Royal movie and look for the necklace you’re talking about – it sounds fabulous!
Finally – Pat, Carolyn and Karen….You are all looking for more Prestige boxes. My buyer has informed me that we have new boxes coming in every month starting in March (with new spring colors in May) so you will be seeing all the styles arriving over the course of the next couple months. We try to always feature them during our Silver Gallery shows….Hope this helps!
Thanks for all the great feedback…..I look forward to hearing from you!!
All my best,

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