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Remember the days before laptops, debit cards, and smart phones were universally-used goods? It’s hard to imagine now with how fast technology changes! All of these awesome inventions have made our lives a lot more convenient. With all inventions, though, comes the need with how to properly protect them.


Identity theft is the unhappy offspring that has also grown up in the technology boom. Sometimes it’s as innocent as unsolicited texts offering a “free” cruise we won and all they need is our address and date of birth. Then sometimes these cyber situations go so far as to try and access our bank accounts, social security numbers, and other privileged information.


One of the easiest ways to better track your private information is to go paperless with all of your receipts, bank statements, credit card bills etc.You can still have the statements sent to your home to look over for awry charges but once you’re done scan it onto your desktop and then dispose of it with a cross shredder. When there are stacks of papers on your desk or in a filing cabinet, it’s one more location you have to consider and search.


Besides going paperless for important documents, a scanner can also help preserve the memories you never want to fade like delicate photographs, family recipes, and the letters or notes you’ve exchanged with your significant other. Most new computers include a trial subscription for virus and malware protection so the information you save to your system is under digital lock and key that travels with you wherever you go.


Lose the paper weight and keep your records tidy with a desktop scanner so you can recall any information you need with the click of a mouse. How would you use a desktop scanner?

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