Take a Shine to These Stunning Gold Designs

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Sometimes simplicity is the key to beauty and when it comes to jewelry that mantra has a great supporter in gold. The allure of gold comes from its natural ability to transform its persona. With the most detailed designs, gold can be wrought into a bold and precise pattern and in its next presentation melded into a delicate and fluid style.  This week we are honing in on the graceful details of this fine metal to celebrate May is gold month. For inspiration on a simplistic beauty look with different styles of golden bijoux check out our ideas below with fine gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that use this effortless ore.


1. Geometric Designs


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Precision and clear cuts are the hallmark of golden geometric designs. Within this style though there is still room for diversity among the angles. This 10K chevron ring by Michael Anthony Jewelry can be worn solo for a refined look that will catch the light with its intricate diamond pattern, and it can also be worn as a stacked set for a bolder style.


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Displaying a pattern of layered rectangles this men’s watch by Paul Woods Presents Timepieces is a thicker and heavier design of golden geometric jewelry. With an artfully traditional pattern this watch will go with almost all styles of clothing while still standing out with its austere look.


2. Delicate Designs


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After seeing gold stamped into powerful patterns with definition and density, it’s amazing to then discover it drawn out into delicate, finely textured designs. This 10K 16″ chain necklace is a beautiful representation of the exquisite capabilities of golden metalwork. Disc-like links with a starburst pattern bring this slender necklace to life. It makes a beautiful accessory to wear on its own or for layering as it’s also available in an 18’’, 20’’, and 22’’ chain.


3. Fluid Designs


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For a style that is effortless and free flowing choose a golden accessory free from angles. Fluid designs like this 14K slip-on bangle bracelet by Forever Last will captivate the eye with its polished surface that shines with continuity. Worn as a loose bangle on the wrist or styled higher on your forearm, this bracelet gives sophistication to any look with its spherical style


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Another style that gives a weightless, floating quality to gold is the teardrop or pear-shaped form. These 10K pear-drop earrings have enhanced shimmer with their diamond-cut surfacing like drops of sparkling water. The shape of the earrings preserves a dainty and fresh feel.


4. Embellished Designs


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The beauty and adaptability of gold also makes it a perfect partner for embellishments such as the look of diamonds and gemstones. This 14K cross pendant necklace by Victoria Wieck combines the polished look of diamonds with the delicate designs of gold to create a necklace that can truly make a statement.  The impeccable attention to details of balance and proportion in this piece makes it a creative must have.


What do you envision yourself doing in your “Golden Years”?

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