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Last night I watched a tv show about the Hope Diamond. Now, there is a miracle for you. The fact that a combination of carbon atoms could travel through the mantle of the earth  to the surface at just the perfect temperature in delightful combination with Boron to give us that blue fire and ice is simply Mother Nature at her best. It is a miracle of nature and science.
I have seen the Hope Diamond on exhibit and it is mesmerizing.  Since I am on the topic of Blue Diamonds, have you seen the cover of our Jewelry Guide for December? It has a big bow on it – a big DIAMOND bow! How about  a Diamond Ring on your finger to always remind you of the miracles in your life?
My dear friends at HSN.com were having a Thanksgiving feast at the office the other day and they graciously invited me to pop in for potatoes and gravy – so sweet! Their offices are near our Quality Assurance Department. The QA department will always have a place in my heart as they loaned me one of the microscopes I needed to complete my Graduate Gemology Degree. It was so  kind of them and it saved me literally thousands of dollars because I didn’t have to buy one myself.

They are some of the unsung heroes of HSN. All of our divisions have QA partners  on “campus” (as we like to refer to our sprawling grounds down here in Florida). We also  have people who travel to factories and sites all over the world where our products are manufactured. Here is a photo of some of our Jewelry QA partners. There are stones to be graded and gems to be authenticated! They are all experts in their fields.  Please know that this is only part of the Jewelry  group, but some of them are camera shy…
The journey of  an item of jewelry that passes through our QA Department goes something like this: our Partner who sourced the item for us sends it to our QA Department (the samples represent the Buyer’s order) then they verify the measurement, test the stones, verify the treatment information, test the plating, check for overall quality and durability. Ultimately they answer the question if it is up to our strict standards. Whenever I have been at trade shows, I often hear that HSN has some of the strictest standards in the industry.
QA 2
After the Product Evaluator does their thing,  the product is passed onto a Product Information Writer who creates the copy for our Host blue cards, HSN.com text and the graphics you see on tv. That is a mouthful! I’m exhausted!
Here is Vince, he is in our Ready to Wear (RTW) QA Department. He is a master tailor and a personal friend of mine. The mannequin is wearing a dress from one of our designers, shhh..I can’t say who’s at the moment. Vince and his lovely wife came to my wedding! He is one of the nicest people one could hope to meet.
Vince, QA Department
Thank you for another great year at HSN. In 2011, thanks to your ideas on Facebook, I am going  to change my blog format a bit. I can’t wait to spend more time and connect together in the new year. May you have a fabulous, blessed holiday season and here is to a surprisingly abundant new year!
Love and Light,
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