Take A Dip Into Deep Blue Beauty

Take A Dip Into Deep Blue Beauty

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If you’ve ever thought your skin felt and looked better after a day at that beach, it might not be your imagination. Science has always shown that the ocean is a life-giving resource but now we’re learning how certain marine ingredients can condition and enrich our skin too.


The secret to this new skin care treatment lies in the complex plants and microorganisms that have developed unique ways to protect themselves from their diverse ocean environment. Taking a tip from these marine agents, FLORA MARE has found a way to transfer these unique adaptations to us for beautiful skin! It feels like the best ingredients always come from Mother Nature and the FLORA MARE Ocean Power Set takes it creations directly from her cookbook.


FLORA MARE Ocean Power Set


How It Works:

We’ve talked a bit about the importance of particular ingredients in skincare before but the power of this marine tonic focuses on peptides. Peptides are long strands of essential amino acids. Amino acids all have the same basic structure but can bond with different powerful vitamins, minerals or organic agents that are then assembled into thousands of different proteins. One of the most prevalent proteins in our body is collagen which is responsible for the structure and support of our skin cells. Skin that has a high percentage of collagen will be firm and resilient. It will also be better at retaining moisture due to its solid foundation which belies strong bonds between skin cells.


The Ocean Power Set comes with an Eye Cream. It uses a group of polypeptides combined with antioxidants, organic silicon, Vitamin B, and Tonikelp, a brown algae extract, to soften visible fine lines around the eyes and ease dark circles. To complement our refreshed gaze, the set also comes with an Ocean Elixir. This deeply moisturizing elixir provides skin with some of the minerals and trace elements that our body can’t produce on its own. Make sure to feed your skin the nourishment it needs with this silky serum.


How To Apply:

After cleansing and toning, take about a dime-sized amount of the Ocean Elixir serum. Warm the product between fingers and spread it evenly over the entire face and neck in upward, circling motions. Remember that usually less is more and even the best ingredients for our skin can be over-applied and lead to clogged pores. The serum can be used for day and night moisture.


To apply the Eye Cream use a pea-sized amount and dot it under the eye. Use the ring finger for application as it usually had the lightest touch. Work from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye in a patting motion then gently glide product across the orbital bone. The skin around the eye is very thin so vigorous rubbing can actually injure skin in the process of application.


What’s your secret to more youthful-looking skin?

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