Tailoring Your Threads for a Newer, Thinner You

Happy New Year!

Do you know the number one New Year’s resolution? You guessed it: GETTING FIT!  Wouldn’t it be nice to “look” ten pounds thinner by altering your clothes? YOU can! To jump start the new year, let’s tackle a few simple ways to do just that! We all have a baggy blouse. Tailoring a few simple darts will remove the appearance of pounds from your mid-section immediately. I grabbed my son George to model since he wanted to learn how to tailor a few of his shirts after losing 20 lbs. Here’s how!

  1. Turn the shirt inside out and put it on. Button up. If you have a dress form – yippeee! Determine if there’s enough extra fabric for two front darts, or four front and back darts. I opted to take in the sides on this shirt because there was a pocket in the way of the dart on the left.

  2. Pinch your waist fabric evenly on both (or all) sides and pin.
  3. Place pins upward and through the armhole, especially if sleeves are too full. Taper just above the cuff on sleeves. If you’re making darts on a woman’s blouse, taper to 1″ below the apex (tip of the bust line.)
  4. Place pins downward while tapering to 2″ above the hem, unless the hem circumference is too wide. In this case, in the back, I ran the dart all the way down into the hemline. Besure to leave ease for buttoning. This necessitated removing the hemline stitching for an inch on either side of the dart, and pressing the removed hem/stitch dart/trim to even the hemline or re-hem.

  5. IMPORTANT! Fold the shirt in half and compare sides with a measuring tape. Adjust pins to make the darts even in both length and width on both sides.
  6. Match upper and bobbin thread to the shirt and stitch the darts from the waist to the tapered tips. Lockstitch the ends of the seams at the points.
  7. Steam press dart allowance AWAY from center. Clip in center and narrow the dart allowance by trimming or serging.  You’re Looking Good!!!!

*TIP: The larger the print, the wider the silhouette. If you want to appear thinner, start with a solid color.
*TIP: Moving the cuff buttons to tighten the fit also helps add to a slimmer silhouette.
I’m sew excited and thrilled beyond words to introduce my brand-new DarStar Scissor Kits! They are certainly a stand out, must-have item in the world of sewing arts. All the tools are custom designed and hand forged for precision from German-grade stainless steel, for rust-free strength and long term durability. The elegant brushed finish collections nestled in a reusable black velvet zippered pouch will let everyone know that these gems are off-limits.  Both kits – embroidery and sewing – were developed for the discerning sewers in quilting, fashion, home decor and embroidery. They will make a valuable addition to your sewing arsenal. Look for their world launch on January 26th!

EMBROIDERY KIT: Item #156083

The embroidery four-piece value set is designed to cut threads in the hoop, as well as trim away stabilizers, mistakes and unwanted jump threads without poking or damaging the embroidery designs. The kit comes with a lifetime sharpening guarantee (just pay $6.00 S&H.)
When tiny fibers count, having the right tool to harness the unsightly frays can make a BIG difference! Large ring microtips are easy to hold and maneuver for any finger size. The sharp microtip offers pinpoint accuracy in selecting and isolating the correct threads to evenly cut in tight spaces. The 4″ curve scissors are perfect for crewelwork, beading and other needle arts. The 6″ double bent embroidery reach right inside the hoop-to-trim jump threads and tails without poking or marring your embroidery design. The 4.5″ easy snips are spring loaded and work effortlessly with a slight squeezing action reducing finger fatigue.

SEWING KIT: Item # 156087

The sewing five-piece value set is designed to help you clean trim your appliqués, open buttonholes, trim interfacings and threads and more with ease and precision. This kit helps you save time, eliminate frustration and achieve more professional looking results. It comes with a lifetime sharpening guarantee (just pay $6.00 S&H.)
The 4″ mini-duck-bill will provide more leverage while maneuvering around shadow appliqué and interfacings. The razor sharp 5.5″ seam ripper has an extra-long handle and comes with an easy to change blade. The safety screw top stiletto is like having an extra set of hands to hold small seam allowances and trims in place while you sew. The 4″ large ring fine tip fits any finger size and allows you to isolate and clean trim even the most intricate cutwork and buttonholes. The 6″ hefty craft scissors will slice through multiple layers and trims.

  • ALWAYS use BOBBINFIL thread in the bobbin. This thread is not slippery and is thinner than other threads so it will get you ‘more miles per gallon’ before running out.
  • ALWAYS use the bobbins that came with your embroidery machine. Slight differences – even ones smaller than the eye can see – will wreak havoc with your stitch out quality.
  • ALWAYS use embroidery needles recommended by the manufacturer. All needles are NOT created equal and some models will give you constant ‘error’ messages when the wrong needle is installed. Using the right needle will cut down on ‘bird’s nests’ in the bobbin as well.
  • ALWAYS use a stabilizer. Whether it’s Tear-away, Wash-away, Melt-away, Cut-away or Sticky, using a stabilizer will ensure consistent results, less tendency to stretch, warp or otherwise distort and supply a solid foundation to preserve the design through washings.

For more tips and tricks for sewing, tune in on January 26th for a brand NEW anniversary special from Singer!
Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

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