Suzanne Runyan – Week 4 Football

It’s week 4 of the football season and wow it’s been exciting.  The biggest news is the “replacements” refs.  Who would have thought they would be such a big issue in the outcome of the games.  So here we go….my week four predictions!
Baltimore vs. Cleveland – Baltimore wins
Carolina vs. Atlanta – Atlanta continues to win
Buffalo vs. New England – New England is due for a breakout game
Minnesota vs. Detroit – Minnesota
Seattle vs. St. Louis – Seattle
NYG vs. Philadelphia – always a very tough game but Philly will squeak this out
San Francisco vs. NYJ – San Fran depends on the run and needs this bounce back
New Orleans vs. Green Bay:  Green Bay wins New Orleans continues to loose
Chicago vs. Dallas:  Dallas take it on Monday night
San Diego vs. Kansas City: San Diego
Tennessee vs. Houston – Houston wins – one of only 3 and 0 teams
Miami vs. Arizona – Arizona is on fire
Denver vs. Oakland – Denver win – Payton wants this one
Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville – Cinci wins
Washington vs. Tampa: Washington wins
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