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Hello ladies!

I love the month of July! There is something about being mid-swing into summer and yet knowing that Fall is just around the corner that makes me so nostalgic.
When I was a child, my Mom would start the back to school shopping for us (and herself) in July. Just like us, she needed a quality transition wardrobe. I loved to go with her and pick out the right outfits to fit her wants, needs and personality. Often I could see the frustration in her eyes with not finding the right design, the right fit, and the right colors. We would spend hours searching for the perfect pieces and wind up with only an armful of winners. I think those early experiences of shopping with her made me want to design clothing to help women avoid that dreaded shopping feeling. 
As I age and mature in my craft, I have wiped out the nonsense of trendy pieces and cling only to items that bring excitement to your wardrobe. Nothing is more marvelous than an article of clothing that fits you perfectly, has a mesmerizing color, has well researched and executed textiles, and ultimately leaves you with a feeling of… WOW!
I have selected five outfits from my collection that will take the stress out of dressing and yet move with the change of season.


Antthony Rhythym of Color Couture Jacket
Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed of a Technicolor dream coat? Maybe something that was hand crafted just for you? Well that dream has come true. You will discover how wonderful color can be with this handmade jacket with thousands of glorious stitches. 

Available in: Black, Merlot, and Brown
Wear with: Antthony Ultimate Convertible pant (HSN Style 953-264)
Sized in: Missy and Petite
Colors: Camel, Merlot, Olive, Black, and Brown

Antthony Capture the Splendor Flutter Sleeve Pant Set 

This flutter sleeve pant set is elegant with the finest beading detail to ever grace the Antthony Collection.  Each caviar bead is hand appliquéd with multi layers of sequins in an art deco pattern. The sleeves are beautifully tailored and have enough subtle detail to command notoriety in a room of cookie cut-outs.
Available in: Gold, Red, Teal, and Black

Antthony Fabulous Mix of Color Kimono Pant Set 

This lifestyle driven mini collection is inspired by Hollywood Starlets, and you. It is built for comfort and easy care while still reflecting the times we live in. Tune into HSN Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 5pm as we present a special capsule of Hollywood care free fashion designs that will add instant distinction to your life.
Available in: Merlot, Black, and Black/Grey

Antthony Eloquence and Lace Detail Jacket
Make room in your closet for grandeur! Each Antthony Eloquence and Lace Detail Jacket is made with luscious stretch netting and trimmed with exotic waves of ruffles which circle your wrists and move along your neckline to frame your face with a refined elegance and a self assured look. You’ll never want to take it off.  Get ready, get set, this one is a collectors piece.

Available in: Bottle Green, Merlot, and Black
Wear with: Antthony Ultimate Convertible pant
Sized in: Missy and Petite
Colors: Camel, Merlot, Olive, Black, and Brown

Antthony Grace Comfort and Refinement BlouseI love to write and I spend all my down time journaling, so I designed this poets blouse and wove a piece of my heart into the design. The ruffles cascade around the neckline into the ultimate jabot to make you look thinner and taller. The cut on this blouse is tailor quality and the sleeves are delicately finished with a caterpillar ruffle that frames the arm and wrist. It is a masterful work of art in a three dimensional form that moves like a feather in the wind. You will feel like a princess in this blouse.

Available in: Ivory, Red, Black and Lilac
Wear with: Antthony Ultimate Convertible pant
Sized in: Missy and Petite
Colors: Camel, Merlot, Olive, Black, and Brown
I want to thank all my ladies for always tuning into HSN and to remind you to check out Every month new goodies are being added to the assortment. I also want to wish HSN a Happy Birthday and a billion more!

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