Summer Styles That Prove Black Is Chic Not Bleak

Summer Styles That Prove Black Is Chic Not Bleak

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Summer is the season where we celebrate every color of the spectrum in fashion except for one: black. Black is relegated to the chilly chambers of winter but why should this versatile, much-loved shade only be accepted for a few months of the year? White might be the anthem shade of summer but we’re arguing for these black outfits to take over! With some attention to style and cut, wearing black for summer can be the go-to look too.


1. A Billowy Body

V-Neck Poncho Sweater

The trick to wearing black during summer is to look for cool styles both figuratively and literally because it is hot out after all! Loose-fitting pieces will help us naturally keep cool and they help keep black from looking too formal. For our laid-back summer styles try a top like this V-Neck Poncho Sweater by Serena Williams. The cut of this poncho contrasts perfectly with leggings so the outfit still feels sleek but seasonally appropriate.


2. Sporty Styles

Legging with Faux Leather Trim

An easy way to style black for summer is to incorporate it into our athleisure. Leggings have transformed in the last year from the go-to yoga outfit to a full blown fashion statement with new details and patterns that upgrade their look. This Legging with Faux Leather Trim by Serena Williams are perfect for summer with their matching racer stripes down the leg. The faux leather gives this legging more of a substantial feel. Another great option for black bottoms is the Slim Boot-Cut Denim Jean in Noir; with it’s sleek style it can definitely compete with our other favorite summer bottoms. 


3. Opposites Attract

Ultra Luxe Moto Jacket

Sun dresses, crop tops, and sleeveless styles are a given for summer but sometimes these looks can leave us feeling too exposed or underdressed for certain occasions. Mix these sweet summer outfits with a rugged layer like a classic black leather jacket.  Right away this addition will make the overall look more interesting and it’ll bump up the impression of looking more put-together. Try this Ultra Luxe Moto Jacket from G by Giuliana to change up your summer style.


4. Cut-Away Designs

Keyhole Ribbed Knit Long-Sleeve Top

Another trick to wearing black during summer is to make sure you’re still showing some skin, both for style and breathability! A clever way to balance proportions is with cut-away designs in tops and dress. These little peek-a-boo designs also work to add a sexy element to an outfit without it having to be super form-fitting or short. This Keyhole Ribbed Knit Long-Sleeve Top by DKNY Jeans is a great example of how this simple design can dramatically change a top. Roll up the sleeves for a cooler look or pair with cutoffs.


5. Black With Brights

Cardigan with Side Button Closures

If you’re absolutely stumped for how to revitalize a black article of clothing in your summer wardrobe you can always try pairing it with bright colors. The beauty of black clothing is that it is all-purpose and looks great with just about every color. When we pair black with brights the sharp contrast of the two colors makes the outfit look crisp and cool. This black Cardigan with Side Button Closures is a great option to keep tucked away in our daily handbag for a quick day-to-night transformation too.


What’s your rule of thumb for wearing black in summer?

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