Summer Beauty Secrets

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Melt Proof Your Lip Color

Ready To Wear 4-piece Lip Stylist Set

Lip stains are a summer staple because they don’t rub off or melt in your beach bag.

Mimic the look of sweet Popsicle stained lips with one of Ready To Wear’s Lip Stylist Stains.

Line and fill lips in your choice of Coral, Nectar, or Rosebud, and top with a dab of Clear Lip Shine.


Supermodel Stems

Signature Club A Instant Undetectable Leg Cover

Shorts season is here again. Be confident in the skin you’re in!  

Cover up skin imperfections with Adrienne’s instant undetectable leg cover.

Choose your perfect matching hue to conceal skin imperfections, including veins, bruises, and spots for gorgeous looking gams.


Full Volume That Won’t Fall Flat

TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott™ Raise the Roots Cream

This fibrous styling cream pulls apart in your hands  to help sculpt desired volume and texture.

 On damp hair, apply a small amount in the palm of one hand and rub both hands together. Rake it through your roots to the ends of your hair.

 Blow dry and style as usual. Feel free to add a little extra to dry hair for more definition.



Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Signature Club A Advanced Formula 5 Essentials Crème

Despite how humid it may be outside, it is important to keep your skin hydrated by applying a daily moisturizer.  

Choose a formula that is easily absorbed into your skin, so you can layer an SPF lotion on top.

 The Advanced Formula 5 Essentials Crème is a light whipped-like texture. Smooth a small amount onto your skin after cleansing.

It works to provide nourishing hydration as it helps firm, brighten and protect skin from moisture loss day and night.

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