Summer Beauty Essentials

What’s your summer beauty look? Are you bright, beachy, or bronze?

Describe your look in three words @AmyMorrisonHSN @HSN #BeautyReport

Amy’s 6 Summer Essentials

1.  Bronzing Powder– Add a flush of golden color to your cheeks or contour your features.

2.  Waterproof Mascara– Define your lashes and take a dip in the pool without running color.

3.  Leg Makeup– Conceal spider veins or stretch marks for bathing suit perfect legs.

4.  Lip Butter– Moisturize your lips with a punch of poppy color.

5.  Skin Care Serum– Apply a light serum every evening for glowing skin.

6.  Nail File– Keep this in your purse to maintain a natural looking manicure.

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