Style Up and Stand Out With Statement Jewelry

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No color is too bold and no necklace too large for the style of statement jewelry. Wearing statement jewelry is a little like reconnecting with our younger, more carefree selves when we took more risks and attitude was half the game. Statement jewelry is about embracing those adventurous whims again with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that transform our look and don’t shy away from expressing our tastes. Try these styles tips to take your first foray into statement jewelry!


1. Balance The Proportions

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Statement jewelry is about breaking away from the norm but attention to proportions will help you create a harmonious overall look. For example, this Egyptian-Style Beaded Collar Necklace by Bajalia is a gorgeous accent that will command on-looker attention. A collar design is a heavier look as it covers more surface area, so to offset that weight pair this necklace with a top that is neutral, sheer, or strapless/sleeveless. If you’d like to add another piece of jewelry choose an option like these Pear-Shaped Drop Earrings that complements a shape within your statement necklace.

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2. Key Into Color

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When pairing accessories with an outfit we usually look for matching colors but with statement jewelry we can also use complementary matches. Complementary colors are those colors on the color wheel that are directly across from one another. This Triangular Drop 2-Row Necklace is a beautiful lapis shade of blue so its complementary colors can be mixed shades of red, yellow, and orange. Keying into color when styling statement jewelry will enhance and define each accessory.  


3. Experiment With Patterns

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Patterned clothing and statement jewelry can play nice when they each have their own space. The secret to adding significant jewelry to a detailed pattern is to create a sense of separation between the pieces. For example, if an outfit is striped choose an accessory like this Gem “Peacock” Pin by Nicky Butler that has bright colors and a clean silhouette that won’t blend in. Another option is to choose accessories that won’t lay directly on the fabric like pairing this “Freedom Tower” Pavé Crystal Bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu with a paisley dress. Selecting a piece of statement jewelry to go with a print can completely change the spirit of an outfit, adding new intrigue with a touch of the unexpected.

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Try out this new style at your next get-together and enjoy all the compliments you receive! Tell us, what do you do if your guests linger past the time your party was scheduled to end?

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