Style Ideas That Ban Boring From Your Work Wardrobe

Styles That Ban Boring From Your Work Wardrobe

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When we’ve been working in the same business for a long time it can be easy to get a little too comfortable and slip into a semi-professional slump with our wardrobes. Just because our office cubicles are all cut from the same cloth doesn’t mean that our work outfits have to follow suit. Revamp your professional attire with new pieces that you’ll love enough that you look forward to Monday morning…well, almost!


1. Dresses

Dress with Draping Detai

If work calls you to the office in the wee hours of the morning the easiest outfit to style will always be a dress. No need to worry about matching pieces when you’re fumbling around before that first cup of coffee. An asymmetrical dress like this Dress with Draping Detail from Serena Williams gives a classy and conservative look some more personality. Another versatile cut for professional wear is a wrap dress. Universally flattering, wrap dresses like this Faux-Wrap Dress with Side Bow are slimming and sleek; perfect for really getting into that Girl Boss mentality!

Faux-Wrap Dress with Side Bow


2. Skirts

Faux Leather Skirt

The rules of fashion in the working world have certainly been updated from the days of shoulder pads and skirt suits. Now we can forego the blazer if we wish and try this creamy beige Faux Leather Skirt without feeling very risque at all. The key to assembling a modern and work appropriate look is to make sure our accessories match the message our outfit is trying to convey. For example, we love the comfort and pretty color of this Ultimate Print Slim-Fit Maxi Skirt from Liz Lange but to keep this outfit looking polished pair it with a pump or wedge heel instead of sandals or flats.

Ultimate Print Slim-Fit Maxi Skirt


3. Trousers

 Wide-Leg Knit Pant

Work trousers don’t just come in khaki, blue and black, there’s a whole world of hues and patterns that can be adapted for the office. Strike a balance between a bold print like this Wide-Leg Knit Pant with a monochromatic blouse or traditional oxford button down. Mixing traditionals styles with modern twists will infuse your office look with new vitality, and make your coworkers take notice of your unique personality.


4. Cardigans

Draped Wrap Cardigan

Unless your job demands that you command the boardroom every AM there’s no need to limit your layers to just blazers and suit jackets. Cardigans are great for the office because they can add a softening finish to professional looks that can be too strict and austere on their own. Keep a few basic cardigans on hand in neutral tones and accessory colors like this yellow Draped Wrap Cardigan from Samantha Brown. Layers like this can also easily serve double duty for our favorite weekend wear!


5. Tops

Ultimate Tanks

Tank tops in the office? Yes! We can be modest for work and don a sleeveless shirt paired with a breezy cardigan, some cropped trousers, and a closed-toe pump. The secret to selecting the tank tops that are work appropriate is less fixated on the cut and more on the fabric. Quality polyesters and stretch knits like these Ultimate Tanks look more sophisticated than standard cotton tanks and tees, and that little detail makes a big difference in crafting an overall look.


What’s your biggest challenge with finding work outfits to love?

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