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Dear Friends,
So far this has been anything but a quiet summer.  I just returned from an inspirational visit to Paris to research some design ideas I’ve had percolating. I will get more into that dreamy experience after I tell you what’s coming forth at HSN.  July in particular is always exciting for me because I usually introduce a smashing T.S. item. True to tradition, I am appearing early in the month with a T.S. but not just one! I have a choice of offerings so special you will have difficulty deciding which one you want.  You can be sure to expect color, whimsy and sparkle in this T.S. collection!
Additionally I will be one of many vendors to celebrate HSN’s 36th Anniversary with incredible offers everyday, and will be seeing you again during a celebratory power visit at the end of the month.  With 2 visits in July –  my summer has begun with a bang – so be sure to follow the fireworks with me!
My work can be exhilarating when I am prolific and executing my visions, but there are times when I need to recharge my batteries with a break in my routine.   My son Alexander happened to be home from college and in an impulsive moment I asked him to accompany me to Paris on a “business trip”.   In  a seven hour skip “across the pond” , we were taking it all in;  Art, architecture, landscape, and light. The two of us were in awe of everything from light fixtures, window dressings, statues – even chocolatiers. The chocolate in Paris was as intricate as the finest jewelry in all the world – not to mention scrumptious! I imagined the jewelry that royalty would wear in the Chateau d’Amboise and decided it would have to be pretty spectacular to compete with that flamboyant Gothic architecture. And the Chambord Castle with its French and Italian Renaissance styles? FABULOUS! I dreamt about the ladies who lived in these castles and the jewels they would wear. As you can imagine I returned home fueled with ideas.   I’m back at home at my design board with hopes of being able to share my experiences with you through my jewelry in the coming months ahead.
Au revoir mes cheris!
Heidi xoxo

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