Start Your Cool Weather Beauty Regimen

Hi Girlfriends,
Fall is here and with it the cooler weather. This is the time to adjust your beauty regimen to combat the effects of those windy and cold days. Regardless of your age you need to focus on preventive care and along with it if you are over 40 you need to focus on fighting the signs of aging.
My October shows on October 6th and 7th will be featuring  new Rapid Transport C Infused collections for my over 40 girlfriends and my Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Collections for all my girlfriends. I always use the Argan products along with my Rapid Transport C products and I know so many of you do too, because I know I am getting additional hydration and anti wrinkle benefits. We also have some very special value priced offers in our shows that I know you will not want to miss.
Our October Today’s Special  has everyone at Signature Club A and HSN excited because we are offering a complete multi level home facial that features  a new, revolutionary, cutting edge facial tool that will help penetrate products onto your skin like nothing I have seen in all the years I have been in the facial and skin care business. You will be able to charge up any lotion, cream, serum or gel you own making it work so much harder by absorbing more evenly and efficiently onto your skin. For years women have been using their fingers to help their products work better and more effectively. Our new tool, the Skin Spa Supercharger can do what it is impossible to do manually ; it gently vibrates approximately 7000 times per minute with the same consistency and intensity. Along with this breakthrough innovative facial tool we are giving you 3 of our best selling capsules plus  our  new Supercharger Skin Serum. I really cannot give you too many details before it airs,  but my new At Home Facial is something I know you will be as excited about as we are, so please tune in on 12:01AM on Monday October 7th to get in on this amazing offer.
Enjoy the cooler weather, stay in touch and take good care of your skin.

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