Spring is in the air with Heidi Daus

Hi Girls,
Here we are on the cusp of spring! It’s in the air – we can all feel it.  The days are indeed getting longer and we are in a thaw here up north.  While I wait for warmer days and my garden to start “popping” I am deep in design mode in my new studio here at Heidi Daus headquarters.  I am surrounded by corkboards and pushpins, sketches, renderings and technical drawings by day – and then I dream about the finished pieces at night.
And can I ask you, how much do you love social media? I get such a kick out of reading my bog comments and my Facebook messages and posts. The suggestions for design ideas are so inspiring and helpful. Girls, it is not easy to come up with a quota of new designs each month.  No matter how passionate I am about jewelry, sparkle and color, the demand can be rigorous. Much like a writer I can get blocked! Not often,
but it happens.  That is when your ideas can be so helpful to my creative process and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not
only being fans, but part of my team.
Speaking of teams, I want to begin introducing you to some of my teammates here at the headquarters each month so you can be a fly on the wall.  Karen and Rachel help me keep all of my ideas in order and assist me in the acquisition of concepts, materials and most importantly to keep me on schedule.
We are powering through the final phases of my next big HSN visit in April where we have new designs for those of you who love floral themed jewels  – and I also have created some elegant offerings showcasing your birthstones! I promise you girls I will NOT disappoint you!
Thank you again for all of your comments on my blog and Facebook page. Keep ‘em coming!
Happy spring,

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