Slip Into The Shades of Autumn

Slip Into The Shades of Autumn


Autumn is my favorite season; I always get excited this time of year! I love the crisp cool air and the rich hues of nature – marigold, crimson, tree bark beige, earthy espresso brown, and moss greens. How to wear these color successfully?  I admit it can be tricky!


The Rich Hues of Nature


This fall, more than any I can remember, there is the opportunity to carry out color through accessories. Try for tonal matches with interesting surfaces like antiqued leathers, stamped crocodiles, and multimedia patchworks.  


This year, I am a huge fan of wearing head-to-toe color….it’s so “rich girl” and so “I’ve got a personal stylist.” It’s also so slimming!  If you want to break it up a bit, add an oversized patterned scarf like a rich paisley, a multi-tonal plaid, or a classic animal print.


Head-to-Toe Color


Another great way to make rich autumnal tones even more vibrant is by adding some bold, chunky gold jewelry. The warmth of the gold truly highlights the vibrant jewel tones you’ll be wearing from now and well into spring!  


What’s your favorite shade of autumn?

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