Skinny Jean

Question of the Month

Do you have to be skinny to wear the Skinny?? (Jean, that is!)
Answer: No! And you don’t have to be a Hollywood starlet
(although they all wear Skinnies!) and you don’t have to be a mile-tall super model
– although the Skinny is DG2 jean-of-choice amongst the uber-fashionistas.

All you have to be is one of the millions of American women
with REAL bodies – who would love to look thinner, sleeker, hipper,
younger & more fashionable.
YUP! It’s just as easy as that when we’re talking the DG2 Skinny Jean!
Super-soft, super-stretchy, super-comfortable yet super-glam!
Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22…
try your first pair of Skinnies and you’ll become
as “obsessed” as I am over how good you can look!
We’ve reserved you a front-row seat
at the ultimate Skinny Jeans Fashion Event!
It all begins 12:01 AM Feb. 20th

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