Skin Care Products and How to Use Them

How to: Skincare Regimen


Skin care can be so daunting. With a multitude of steps and available options on the market it’s no wonder that most people can become completely stumped. I used to be terrified of making changes to my skincare routine, but as I get older and become more familiar with what works best on my specific skin, I have found a few helpful tips to keep my face calm, clear, and happy.


1. Simple is best

You can easily go overboard purchasing products to use on your face, but your specific skin may not require all of the steps outlined in Nur’s video. I know that my oily skin does not require a night cream. The right toner after cleansing is enough to keep me balanced, so keep this in mind when shopping for skincare.


2. One thing at a time

Completely overhauling your routine and mixing a whole bunch of things together at once can make it very difficult to determine the culprit if you have some sort of reaction. I like to add or change one product at a time so that I always know what’s working and what’s not.


3. Be nice to your skin

I love Nur’s reminder to tap eye cream on with your ring finger and to smooth moisturizers and serums onto skin in an upward motion. When cleansing, it’s also important to remember that you don’t need to rub and tug on your face. Let your products do the work and I promise your skin will thank you for it.


4. Testing, testing, 1-2-3

When considering a new beauty product to add into your routine, I like to test products on the back of my hand. It’s an easy way to tell if something is too heavy or drying and it helps me to anticipate how my face will take to a new formula before slathering it all over my skin.


5. Don’t forget your SPF

Nur’s reminder to look for a facial moisturizer that has SPF is crucial, especially as we go deeper into summer. There are tons of options out there, making sun protection easier than ever and I have also been thrilled to see SPF popping up in other products like color cosmetics and eye creams for daytime.


Do you agree with Nur’s preference for product order? What are your go-to skin care tips?

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