Sizzling Summer Style Guide

The temperatures outside continue to rise, which means that summer is right around the corner, and for this season skin is in! For women who long to dress in sheer, weightless fabrics and leave their shoulders bare with nothing but the sun to keep them warm, I have created a new collection to give you that I’ve-just-come-back-from-vacation glow. The biggest fashion trends of the season include hot, vibrant colors; cool, light layers; and a naturally beautiful, sun-kissed style.
For the summer solstice I encourage all my ladies to leave their wardrobe neutrals for a few months of whimsical fun and embrace the boldest colors of the season. I know you will perfectly radiate style wearing these look-at-me bright colors in some of my favorite designs like the Color Dance Tie Dye Top or the Island Life Criss Cross Tunic.
With light layers of chiffon and cloud-like cottons you will exude the relaxed freshness of an island goddess. Adorning breezy and effortlessly beautiful styles will ensure you have the versatility to transform from day to night wear with minimal effort. If you want to stay comfortably cool and maintain a sunny style, I suggest the Island Life Maxi Dress or the Color Dance Scarf Blouse.
Be sure to tune in to HSN this June to see the full Antthony collection, which will set the mood for the most romantic and hottest season of the year! I guarantee you will be ready to put away the parkas and heavy coats and stock up on light cardigans, peep toe shoes and precious, light cotton fashions.
So, kiss away your worries, love your body and flaunt your bold personality while wearing a vibrant color palette inspired by the warm days of summer!
One Love,

Antthony Island Life Criss-Cross Tunic
Get ready to sway with the ocean breeze wearing the Antthony Island Life Criss-Cross Tunic. This blissfully comfortable top has a deep rounded neckline and diagonally crossed detailing on the backside which gives it a fashionably tropical flair. The loose fit and billowing sleeves create a gorgeous top for any occasion. Enjoy a cool summer walk and wear Antthony!
Antthony Malibu and Lace Cardigan and Tank Set
For an elegant evening sipping wine by candlelight and listening to the waves crash against the shore, be sure to wear the Antthony Malibu and Lace Cardigan and Tank Set. The monochromatic shell and short sleeve cardigan top go with almost any bottom and the lace detail, which runs along the hem, provides a fiercely feminine flirtatiousness. Enjoy an effortless style for the romantic nights of summer and wear Antthony!
Antthony Island Life Tiered Skirt
When it is insanely hot outside and the sun is beating down relentlessly, turn up the air-conditioner and put on the Antthony Island Life Tiered Skirt for a cool, stylish and unrestricted alternative to pants. This fun and feminine skirt has a gypsy-like quality ideal for summer adventures and it is sure to swish and sway with each movement. Enjoy being comfortable and colorfully fashionable and wear Antthony!
Antthony Color Dance Scarf Blouse
Wrap yourself in artistic loveliness in this Antthony Color Dance Scarf Blouse. This summer parka-like top is full of color and lightweight layers. The rounded neckline opens lovingly to billowing sleeves and the bold patterns give it a unique quality perfect for a summer barbecue or an afternoon retreat to the nearest museum. Enjoy a warm summer day in style and wear Antthony!
Antthony Island Life Maxi Dress
Every woman needs a figure flattering summer dress and the Antthony Island Life Maxi Dress is perfect for a hot day in the city or a warm night on the island. The sleeveless top drops into a deep sweat heart scoop to perfectly accessorize your sun kissed skin. The lightweight material moves and flows while hugging your curves affectionately. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and wear Antthony!
Antthony Color Dance Tie-Dye Top
There is no better way to celebrate a summer of freedom and love than by wearing the Antthony Color Dance Tie-Dye Top. This sleeveless tank comes in two bold color patterns and is as comfortable as a day spent frolicking through a field of daisies. The rounded neckline and flowing hemline will take you from sizzle to sensational. Enjoy the slow-paced days of summer and wear Antthony!

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