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Welcome to my blog!!!! Let the fun start.
I grew up as hearing everyone calling me “The Queen of Gems” since I know all about gemstones. My passion developed and then I started making beautiful jewelry, with all kinds of  fascinating gems. I love the color purple so that automatically that makes Amethyst one of my favorites. This gemstone comes in many shades, usually either from Brazil or Africa. The darker shades are from the African rough and the lighter shades are from Brazilian rough. The scale of the hardness for this gem is 7.
Most Amethyst is heat treated, so it enhances the color. Heat treatment is permanent and will not fade over time. This treatment is done on most of gems.
The spiritual part of this gem is all about healing, peace, love, courage, protection and happiness.
Sima K 7.46ct Rose de France Sterling Silver RingDon’t miss my Amethyst pillow ring on October 26th. In this ring I used the Dark African rough as well as the Light Lilaq Brazilian rough. Accented with Raspberry Rhodolites!! (And the price was just amazing!) I’ll let you find out the rest of the story of this beauty on my shows.
Come celebrate my birthday with me this year on air October 26th and see all my pieces on air. You can also check out my Facebook Page at for more information about the entire beautiful gems in the world!
— Sima
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