Signature Club A Presents Holiday Deals & a New Anti-Aging Complex

Hi Girlfriends,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love spending quality time with my family and friends and this time of year is very special for me, because I get to do just that.
I am very excited about my holiday shows starting on Sunday, December 12th and Monday the 13th . I also will be back on the 15th with an extraordinary Today’s Special that I know you will want to grab on the midnight show, so I hope you will be watching.
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We will be introducing a product in the Today’s Special that is a part of a revolutionary new line that our cosmetic chemists are developing just for our HSN customers. Our scientists have developed the Platinum Electrocharged Complex, which is a cutting edge nanotechnology delivery system that works like a navigation system to deliver key beauty treatment ingredients to the areas of skin where they are needed.
The first product in this extraordinary line that we are bringing to you is the Platinum Electrocharged Magnetic Uplift, which is an uplift unlike any other we have developed. According to modern scientific research our skin is composed of charged cells and as we age the balance of charged cells changes resulting in sagging, bagging and loose skin. (I know many of us over-40 gals can relate to this.)
Platinum is a charged particle that when used in skin care formulations helps to restore skin’s balance. The Platinum Electrocharged Magnetic Uplift is formulated with platinum, soy protein, magnetic water and many important electrolytes. The combination of ingredients helps to restore the balance that gives your skin its youthful appearance. You will see an immediate temporary uplift, and with continued use it works to restore your skin’s moisture balance, optimizes skin’s own collagen renewal as it improves the appearance of skin’s surface texture. This is one new product launch you will not want to miss.

There are many other exciting offerings for the holidays that I know you will be excited about. One that is designed especially for those of you who are vanilla lovers is a gift-boxed set of six vanilla fragrance meltdowns; two of your best loved vanillas and four brand new fragrances. Your two long time favorites French Vanilla and Vanilla Meringue are included along with new Coconut Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, and Vanilla Crème Brulee. Each jar is beautifully decorated and can be given as an individual gift or give all six in the decorative gift box.
I hope you will tune in for these exciting shows to look for the special values, and special offerings for my Vitamin C and Precious Moroccan Argan Oil.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patronage and support of Signature Club A this past year. Your loyalty means a lot to me, and I think of you as my very special girlfriends.
With warmest good wishes to you and your families for the Holidays and a New Year filled with Peace, Good Health and Happiness.
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