Signature Club A Introduces Rapid Transport C Infused Elastilift for Neck

Hi Girlfriends,
Spring is here, and I am looking forward to a new look this season. My turtleneck sweaters are out, and my jewel necklines and off-the-shoulder blouses are in. That is why I am introducing my new Rapid Transport C Infused Elastilift for Neck this month. Some of the first tell tale signs of aging appear on your neck . You start to see lines, wrinkles and a sagging appearance, which you might not have noticed with all the scarves, turtlenecks and layers we wear in the cold wintry months. You gals who live in warmer climates may have noticed it earlier, but now there is something that can help all of us.
Formulated with our skin penetrating, ph neutral, stable form of Vitamin C that is transported through the skin more rapidly than other forms of Vitamin C along with Elastin, Soy Protein and other key ingredients, my Elastilift for Neck will give your skin a smoother, more uplifted appearance while giving your dry, aging skin a moisture boost. I love it, my daughter loves it as do all the over 40 women in my office and my over 40 girlfriends who have asked me to use it when they saw our results. We have all seen amazing beauty benefits and I know you will too.
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My April show is chock full of exciting offers. We have new Spring color makeup kits at super values. When winter is over new makeup colors always give me a lift and will make your Spring wardrobe look new.
Our Vitamin C kits for my Vitamin C girlfriends are back with fabulous gift totes and your favorite C products. So please be sure to tune in on April 21st and 22nd when our next Signature Club A shows air.
Please keep in touch. I love hearing from you.
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