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What a fun visit Skip and I had in August! It was really exciting to be apart of the Eat, Pray, Love event! I hope by now most of you have had the opportunity to see the movie, and can relate to the three new scents we were inspired to launch.Shop: Perlier’s Eat, Pray, Love exclusive scents.

We’re very excited about our 14-year anniversary with HSN, starting September 30th , and hope you all can join us! We will have many special anniversary items, like the return of my signature “Amanda” fragrance–it’s finally back! See? I DO listen. Even if it may take a while! And we’ll have the launch of Perlier’s Pomegranate and Bilberry, along with lots of other exciting skincare specials .
Please DO join Skip and me so we can celebrate together, our 14 fabulous years with HSN! Hip, hip, hooray!! And cheers to many more!
– Amanda
P.S. Take a peek at our August vlog (above). We shot it during our visit . You’ll be able to see first hand what goes on before our live shows in the HSN greenrooms! Editor’s Note: There’s a great moment (around 1:50) with Amanda and Skip and the Shoe Wheel!
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