Sharif’s Must-Have Spring Handbags

Whether it’s done in chambray, indigo or with a pop of print, denim accessories can add a sporty twist to any day or night-time ensemble. Check out our picks for the five best denim accessories out now.
Techniques Used

  • Metallic over-wash
  • Patchwork different denim washes
  • Embroidery over ombre-washed denim
  • Traditional stone-washed Denim
  • Pyramid and dome-studded embellishment
  • Tie-dye

When to Wear

Keep it simple, especially when it comes to the new blue hue in denim accessories this spring. The fabric has been used to make everything you can imagine, from handbags to jewelry. So even if you don’t want to actually wear jeans, you can add a touch of denim to your wardrobe. If you do choose to add that extra “cool” factor with a denim accessory fixation, make sure that you aren’t a victim of O.D. – over denim. Don’t wear denim from head-to-toe and add denim accessories. Instead, choose your denim accessories wisely and wear with neutral colors and prints. No matter what, be sure to seamlessly incorporate this trend. Check out these items that will certainly pull your total look together.

The Gladstone Bag or Doctor’s Bag
The Gladstone bag, or Doctor’s Bag, was once a workingman’s asset, but today has become a woman’s arm-luxury. Functional, elegant and back in our sights for 2012, the Gladstone bag is an accessory worth investing in and is commercially known as a Doctor’s Bag. It dates back to the 19th century, and men in mainstream professions such as doctors, lawyers, electricians and plumbers primarily used the bag during the war, where it got its alternative name, Doctor’s Bag, for obvious reasons. This light-handed luggage with two hinged compartments was deemed a smaller and much more convenient alternative to a suitcase, ideal for overnight train travels. Its single magnetic clutch in the center made it user-friendly in public spaces, unlike a bulky suitcase. It could be easily stored in limited spaces and was spacious enough to carry tools, papers and a set of extra clothes.

As time passed, the purpose for carrying the Gladstone evolved, which subsequently altered the shape of the bag. Smaller suitcases replaced the Gladstone’s rigid shape, however doctor’s continued to carry its more compact version. The fashion industry took this cue and even tailored the doctor’s bag to adhere with luxurious fashion standards using high-quality leather, silk trimmings and studded metallic features. What used to be a workingman’s essential carry-all, has become luxury on a woman’s arm today, stamped with a legendary logo.

How To Carry The Gladstone Bag

For a bag with such a prominent shape, it’s important to note that it has the capability of overshadowing all other accessories that are part of an outfit. Despite the color you choose, Gladstones are predominantly the leader of the pack and you have to give them the credit they demand. Hence, here are a few things to keep in mind, before you tuck this baby under your arm and walk out of the house:

  • It’s not a typical shapeless tote, with zero compartments, that eventually becomes a part of your outfit. Gladstones are to be treated like a classic, vintage piece that must be styled in the most trusted fashion. They’re bold, smart and ooze confidence.
  • The most wonderful aspect of the Gladstone is its dual-usability. One day it’s a carry-to-work bag, and another day it’s the perfect travel companion. Don’t undervalue its space, and pick one that suits your lifestyle.
  • Due to its boxy shape, be mindful of what you’re teaming it with. It works as well with cigarette pants and a blazer, as it does with a ‘60s-style, midi-length shift dress. But don’t carry it with overflowing blouses, or to the beach, for instance.
  • When choosing a color, go for an all-season variety. One that will last you all through winter and into spring 2013. Some classic shades that’ll always work are tan, reddish-brown, charcoal black, navy and plum red.

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