Shamballa & Heaven on Earth

Shamballa is frequently thought of as a mythical magical land far, far away. An Eastern land of perfection, peace and serenity – sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I am so there! I imagine Heaven on earth. Have you ever dreaded a meeting? Had a hard day? Stressed over a deadline? These occasions call for extra energy, patience and focus.
They began as prayer beads for meditation, but their appeal today is twofold. Some wear this ancient form to support inner peace and tranquility; others wear these bracelets simply for their design. Wearing my Shamballa style bracelet serves me well as a reminder for me to focus. It brings a bit of calm in the storm.
To me, spiritual jewelry is so intimate, yet Shamballa style bracelets are also worthy of being shown off simply for their beauty. Feel free to layer them together, with bangles, your watch, and other wrist candy. So whether you are  looking to wear the talisman that is a Shamballa style bracelet or you are strictly into fashion, try some on for size.

Marjorie, one of our expert jewelry buyers who travels all over the globe to acquire treasures for HSN, was on a quest to procure just the right collection of Shamballa style for you. She used her international connections to bring genuine gemstones to your wrist wardrobe. Mission accomplished!
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