Serious Skincare tackles dry skin

With the passing of another New Year – time continues to march on – presenting new and or familiar skincare challenges. One of the biggest challenges we have as we age is the levels of moisture in the skin drop with the passage of time. In our 20’s we see the least amount of visible change in the moisture levels of the skin. When we hit our 30’s we start to see moisture levels diminish and by the time we hit our 40’s the cumulative effects of years of environmental exposure really takes a toll on the skin’s moisture levels. Once we are 50 plus, skin is at its driest and retaining moisture becomes difficult.
Although we cannot stop the aging process – we do have tools that can help fight the signs of aging skin by providing proper hydration to the skin. One of the cornerstones of healthy looking skin lies in the moisture content of your complexion.
Within the myriad of choices in moisturizers and hydrators from Serious Skincare – the best bet to face dry skin from Serious Skincare is our Olive Oil line. The Olive Oil line is for dry, stressed skin provides the hydration you need to face chronologically, seasonally or environmentally dry skin.
How do you know if your skin is NOT hydrated properly?

  • If your skin is flaky, or has dry patches
  • If your skin feels uncomfortably tight
  • If fine lines or wrinkles are visible due to dryness
  • If your skin looks sallow in color, is dull, flat and lifeless
  • If minutes after you wash your face, it feels dry again

Even if you are using a daily regimen from Serious Skincare, or any other quality skincare line, from time to time, you may need that extra hydration that only our Olive Oil line can provide. Our Olive Oil line is formulated with only the highest grade, cosmetic quality Olive Oil available. Because the lipids in Olive Oil mimic the lipids in our own skin, Olive Oil makes for a super layering tool to help blanket in that much needed hydration.
This January, exclusively on HSN, I am proud to present several incredible values from our Olive Oil line – each designed to provide you with the much need hydration your skin is needing – for exactly when you need it most! I encourage you to shop the entire Serious Skincare Olive Oil collection right here on, or tune in the Serious Skincare shows January.
In the meantime, I would love to hear from you here on the Serious Skincare blog, on how the Serious Skincare Olive Oil line has helped you with your restoring the hydration to your skin!
All the best for an amazing 2013 – we have such an exciting year ahead.
– Jennifer

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