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Happy Summer !

I am writing this blog entry just a week before I am due to travel to HSN for the big SERIOUS CELEBRATION of the 36th b-day of HSN!  WOW!    I have been working with my team at Serious Skincare and the team at HSN for a year on what you will see come to life starting July 11 with the Beauty Report, through the weekend – up to our BIG finale on Monday, July 15!
I made sure we had something for everyone this visit – and something for everyone’s budget!   You will not believe the assortment we built to celebrate the event… if you are looking to address those lines and wrinkles – we’ve got you covered.   If you are looking to address that skin discoloration – we’ve got you covered.  If you are looking in the mirror and you see sagging and skinning skin – Oh, boy – we’ve got you covered at MIDNIGHT on Monday, July 15 – when we unveil a NEW Today’s Special – from a best selling category that has not been featured in a Today’s Special for over a decade!  It’s high time!
Speaking of lifting your skin… during the Host Pick event in June, we added a new element to each of our offers of our Microcurrent EGG – we added the simple benefit of a 60 day return policy.   You now have the confidence that you can get your EGG home and have up to 2 months to try and experience the results that thousands have been experiencing.     If you have not tried the EGG yet – I hope the addition of the extended return policy will encourage you to give the EGG a try – we have a new configuration created for the HSN Birthday – in your choice of 3 colors! The Aqua – which sold out in April – is back in stock.
As I wrap up my greeting for July – I would love to read what you have been up to this Summer – tell me of that special place you and your family have – or are – visiting before the Summer is through!     I’d also love to learn what you are doing to protect and spoil your skin during the harsh Summer months…  You know I am using my SPF and my SuperMel C!
Best, Jennifer

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