Serious Skincare returns to HSN in March

We are so excited with the success of our microcurrent facial toning system – I just love how so many of you have tuned in to our shows and made the decision to try this amazing tool.   We look forward to reading your reviews and learning of your success with our facial toning system.  Our “EGG” has made a tremendous impact on the beauty world – literally it’s an international sensation.
Our team just left Florida, after our special February presentation of a new configuration of the microcurrent facial toning. Cecilia, Mindy and John are heading north to Canada as the wave of popularity of the “EGG” has transcended borders – the microcurrent will be the featured “Showstopper” at Canada’s “the Shopping Channel” (a Showstopper is the Canada’s version of our Today’s Special at HSN) for the second time this year!  In addition, the “EGG” continues to see success in the infomercial and in print ads…
The beauty industry is taking note too!  Several professional trade organizations have nominated our “EGG” for industry recognition events this Spring – I will keep you updated on how we do – but like they say in Hollywood – “it’s a honor just to be nominated”…
I wanted to update you on our outlook for March 2013 on HSN!  We will be back on HSN March 15, 16 and 17 – and as always we are working to bring you an amazing assortment of the best of Serious Skincare. Naturally, we will have a wide variety of skincare items to address a myriad of skincare and beauty concerns – but I really wanted to focus on the line that started Serious Skincare’s fight in the anti-aging category – our Age-Defy line.
As most of you know, Serious Skincare started as an acne, problematic skincare line.   Shortly after we “cleared” your skin and developed programs to manage your acne and breakouts – we started to address the appearance of aging skin.   We pursued vitamin A and introduced A-Force (which my husband Sly named!) and our original Two Million IU Cream. Some 17 years, 5 renewed and improved formulations, and a couple million more IU’s – our Age Defy Vitamin A skincare line is one our most popular skincare regimens.
For our March visit, you will see the largest assortment of Age Defy Vitamin A skincare from Serious Skincare available at one time in our nearly 18 year history. In addition to configurations developed for every regimen and every budget – we will be introducing a NEW night cream fortified with Retinol and Niacin – to help you in your continued fight against the appearance of aging – all formulated to address your issues of concern as you rest!
As always – you will see the full assortment of our Age Defy Vitamin A line for March – right here on FIRST and we encourage you to shop early – once you see the values become available on-line.
Once again, thank you for your continued support of Serious Skincare – and we invite you to engage in the conversation – or ask questions – during our shows live on HSN, on the HSN LIVE Chat, Serious Skincare facebook page or our customer support center. We are here to hear you!
Best to you all for an amazing month – and see you in March!
– Jennifer

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