Serious Skincare Introduces Two New Tools

Serious Skin CareFor women (and men) of today, we need the best tools to help delay the inevitable march of time!  If you have watched me for any amount of time on HSN, you know that I do not fear the aging process – “growing up” at HSN all these years has been an amazing journey – I have learned so much.   The most important thing that I have taken away from my years in the beauty business  is that age happens.  Simple.  If we are lucky, if we are blessed, we grow “old”.   As much as technology progresses, we cannot remain young.   However, we do have the most amazing innovations available to us today to slow the appearance.   I believe that this is an essential element in our lives today.  Look in the mirror today.  What do you see?  Do you see your mother’s face – at your age?  So much truth in the often stated – 50 is the new 40!   We just have so much more knowledge and information then a generation before; we also have so many more “tools” at our choosing to help us look younger.
For nearly 2 decades I have championed the skincare from Serious Skincare.  As a co-founder, it is my passion.   More recently, I have been delighted to work with my product innovators to develop some very useful tools, that truly empower you to “turn back the clock” on your appearance.   First on the scene was our Microcurrent EGG.  The EGG is now available Internationally; helping countless women and men to smooth, lift and tighten their skin.   This month, Serious Skincare introduces 2 NEW remarkable tools – each with a totally different purpose.
First is our THREE LED Multi-Purpose Light Therapy Tool.    This remarkable tool has 3 interchangeable LIGHT heads that EACH address DIFFERENT issues: the RED addresses the periorbital wrinkles; the BLUE light address mild to moderate acne and the GREEN framed infrared lights address pain and stiffness.   This is amazing tool that my entire family is enjoying the benefits from every day.
Second is a new and innovative tool that address permanent hair reduction.   Our B-Sleek wand helps permanently reduce hair – when used continuously in the same hair root area.  It’s an amazing tool that over time, will provide you with the solution to problematic, unwanted hair.   We have paired the B-Sleek with our top performing Liquid Laser line – this entire “system” will give you an instant and lasting answer to unwanted hair.
I hope you are able to join Cecilia and I for our shows on HSN in October as we will introduce these amazing tools – AND welcome back some AMAZING Serious Skincare favorites, at amazing values.
See you in October!
– Jennifer XO

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