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I am so excited to be celebrating nearly 2 decades in partnership with HSN!  Hard to imagine when we started all those years ago, that we’d be marking this milestone. Like me, I know you love a party!


I’m sure you agree that behind every successful party, goes a great deal of preparation. The planning for our 19th Anniversary Event literally started the day after our big 18th Anniversary Event last April. When you see what we’ve pulled together, you will understand why events like this take a year to plan.


Like any Anniversary Event on HSN – you will find unprecedented savings. We will have amazing prices, crazy flex pay and free shipping and handling on select items.


But more important than the Sale – we will be showcasing products that deliver. Products that are formulated with the right ingredients at clinically validated percentages. Each to address specific skin care challenges.


Shop Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel on HSNI am particularly excited about our focus on the Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel. We will be offering the Peel at a special savings for the Anniversary. We also will be sharing with you some amazing before and afters and a remarkable Consumer Perception Survey that will astonish you. Last month I sent John to New York to share the Peel with the top beauty editors – meeting after meeting – the editors were blown away:


The Glycolic Peel feels so cooling and smells great… the results from the photos are nuts

Good Housekeeping


I invite you to read reviews from HSN customers just like you! In addition we are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of our Microcurrent EGG Facial Toning System with a new offer – and a first ever pattern design for the Egg– Grrr Pink Leopard!!! Now you can be on trend as you tone!


Hoping you have some time to join us on HSN this April!



Jennifer Flavin-Stallone

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