Serious Skincare Celebrates 18 Years on HSN

18 years?  In our society, when one achieves the age of 18, one if granted the right to vote.   Well, it’s clear to me now more than ever that you have VOTED and Serious Skincare is indeed your brand of choice when it comes for the look and healthy appearance of your skin.
Thank you so much for your support.
We are so excited about our April Anniversary event – and what is yet to come throughout the balance of 2013!  But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!  First of all – I am so excited over the reaction we have received internationally on the EGG Microcurrent Facial Toning System.  The EGG is helping women throughout North America temporarily tone and lift their face.  Soon, the EGG will cross the Atlantic and “invade” Europe!  But for the time being, we’ve made the EGG a huge part of our 18th Anniversary Celebration – as it returns on April 20 as a feature in our Today’s Special on HSN.  Not only does the EGG make a return – by demand and at an extraordinary value – we’ve now created the EGG in TWO NEW color choices – Aqua or Lavender!  The colors are deep and rich and I cannot wait to see which one is more popular.  I can’t even decide which is my favorite!  We presented the EGG – in White, Aqua and Lavender – at this year’s CEW Beauty Award Event and even the top minds in the industry couldn’t decide which one they preferred!  We will just have to wait until April 20 to see which color moves off the shelf faster. Naturally, you will love the configuration we have created for the Today’s Special – it’s at a significant value and features our new Reverse Lift Replenishing Mask which I am loving as an overnight beauty treatment!
The excitement all begins in the early morning hours on Thursday, April 17 from 3-5am EASTERN when I have asked Cecilia and John to share with you a FIRST LOOK into our Anniversary Event. Yes, I know that is early, but knowing John like I do – he is sure to prepare some offers you won’t want to miss.
I am particularly excited about the larger kits we have configured for you – as these offers are always the best bet – offering you the complete regimen you need at significant savings. I worked very closely with my design team to offer you to some very practical beauty bags – each paired with just the right regimen to help you achieve your skincare objectives!
The one thing in April that everyone at HSN just cannot stop talking about is our new CC Cream for the Eyes. I can only remember a couple others that have generated such a pre-launch buzz.  But what it amazing is that the CC Cream isn’t officially part of our April event – it’s launching during our June visit – but the team at HSN was so excited about the launch that they are offering the CC Cream for the Eyes on an advance purchase. So, by ordering your CC Cream in April – you are securing yours for delivery in May – ahead of the June official launch.
Those of you that have watched me on HSN for any part of my 18 years on HSN know how demanding I am of my skincare – and like many of you – I need more support around my eye area.   I have been using the CC Cream for the Eyes for the last couple of months and I love how it goes on so smoothly and all of the benefits it provides – particularly the coverage!
Be sure to join us throughout the April Anniversary visit from the wee hours of the morning on April 18 – through the last show on Sunday night, April 21 – each show will have its own surprises – including a configuration that we created for each and every host – their own dream picks – and their own dream prices!
Thanks again for all of your support and be sure to let me know right here on this blog which color EGG is your favorite!

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