Second Day Hair

Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t have time to take the proper steps for hair care on a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but my second day hair can either be amazing or well, not. You know… the “yes I woke up like this” hair with volume, texture and shape versus the flat, no real shape and kinks left right and center kind of look. For times when my hair falls into the latter category, I have a couple of failsafe styles up my sleeve to render the situation and save me from giving up and heading back to the shower. These tips can be the ultimate fix for every tress and can keep your healthy and stylish!


1. The Half Up, Half Down

With this style you can create your own body by how high you pin your hair. Plus, it keeps your hair off your face in case things turn greasy.


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  1. Start by evening out any kinks with your straightener, but try not to end up with dead straight hair as this can then make the look a little flat.
  2. Add a healthy spritz of your favorite dry shampoo to your roots and into the ends of your hair to create some texture and volume.
  3. Brush through your part then, allow it to fall at its natural place. Pull a small section from each side back and pin at the desired height.
  4. Tease your hair with your fingers to give the look a little more of a “lived in” look and create added volume.
  5. Finish with any of your favorite styling products such as a serum or a mist and run the product through the ends.


2. The Volumized Bun

This style is a great way to hide away any greasy hair.


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  1. First, begin with your choice of dry shampoo – work it in and brush through to the ends.
  2. Pull all your hair back to as high as you wish (I find the higher the better). Turn your head upside down for added height and volume.
  3. Loosely twist the lengths of your hair then create the bun. You can tightly twist your hair if you have a lot of it, but I like to create as big of a bun as possible!
  4. If you feel the look is too polished for your liking, rake your fingers through your hair to your bun to add texture.


3. The Messy Pony

This look is perfect at any height and ever so chic when added with a center part.


Second Day Hair - The Messy Pony
  1. First, brush through the lengths of your hair and then find your natural part.
  2. Add dry shampoo if needed and get rid of any kinks with your straightener.
  3. The same way you pulled your hair from each side in the Half Up Half Down Look, do the same here, but with all your hair.
  4. Once at your desired height, secure with a band and tease your fingers through the sides.
  5. For added volume, tease the lengths of your hair with a comb.


What are your favorite second day hairstyles? Show me in the comments below!

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