Seal The Deal for Self-Love With These 7 Rings

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There’s no need to wait until the big “I Do’s” to enjoy wearing something sparkly on your finger. Nowadays whether a woman is married or single she can wear as many rings as she’d like which is lucky for her when we have so many gorgeous ones to choose from! Celebrate yourself and give your digits something to shine about this summer with new styles and colors of gemstone rings. These accessories can be the centerpiece of an outfit or just some happy background music depending on your tastes.


1. Floral

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Nature-inspired jewelry always has a resurgence during summer when everything is green and bursting with vitality. This Diamond Floral Cluster Ring by Colors of Diamonds walks just the right balance between a pretty bit of greenery and untamed jungle. This ring would look great with gold or silver accent jewelry and can easily be layered with other pieces without seeming overdone.


2. Cutting Edge

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The shape of modern rings are being turned on their heads like with this Sky Blue Topaz and Ruby Vermeil Euro Shank Ring by Victoria Wieck. With a rectangular, high-rise design this ring will stand out on your finger and flaunt its candy-tone colors. Added pave decoration of round-white topaz around the gemstone setting and frame brings the ring’s height into even deeper relief too. Enjoy wearing this accessory as a statement piece.


3. Minimal

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Sometimes we like to pare down our look to just the basics and enjoy wearing simple and clean cut accessories. This White and Colored Diamond Band is a perfect minimalist ring for when you just like to add a small dash of more color and polish to your outfit. For more intensity try wearing two bands of this style on the same hand or try stacking rings. Figuring out new ways to reinvent the same pieces gives our accessories more mileage in our wardrobe.


4. Princess

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A classic look for rings is a simple center stone surrounded but a prong-set triangular design. The finished look of this traditional arrangement is markedly feminine and sweet, giving it an unexplainable “princess” quality.  This Tanzanite and White Topaz Cluster Ring by Colleen Lopez makes this design even more beautiful with the added richness of the tanzanite’s color that plays between purple and blue depending on the light hitting it. This would make a great ring for daily wear.


5. Geometric

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Oversized, geometric circles and contrasting colors set off this 3-Stone Cluster Ring by Av Galerie. This ring utilizes Quartzite, Labradorite, and Amethyst to create a clean and concise design that captivates the eye. The gemstones are set into the band at slightly outward angles so the actual surface area of the design won’t sit too heavy on your finger. These shades go so well together and they expand the possibilities for pairings with different colored outfits.


6. Victorian

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There’s a touch of antiquity and high-gothic style in this Morganite and Black Spinel Sterling Silver Frame Ring and we don’t mind it one bit! This beautiful ring conjures up memories of the Victorian era with its encircling scallop design, especially done with striking dark gems. There’s balance between these darker styles though with the help of the oval center stone in a soft peach shade. Powerful while remaining romantic this ring would be a great accessory for dressed-up occasions.


7. Filigree

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What I’m about to say could be considered almost blasphemous but sometimes its not all about the stone! Don’t get me wrong, diamonds, gemstones, crystals, pearls–they all have their own merits and reasons for us to moon over them, but a specially-designed setting contributes so much to a ring too! This Oval Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring is a great example. It features a lemon quartz enclosed by a cage of filigree metalwork that wraps around the stone and down its shoulders making the center stone that much more radiant.


Join us in conversation and tell us: What is your gemstone guilty pleasure?

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