SCA’s New Site-Specific Anti-Aging Product for the Lower Face and Neck

Hi Girlfriends,
It is August and I feel like the summer has just begun. I am really enjoying the relaxed pace of summer but sadly it will soon be over. I have been spending a lot of time with my family and friends and enjoying every minute of it. I hope you have been enjoying your summer too despite the extreme heat.
But August is the time of year when we start to think about getting our skin , makeup and wardrobe ready for the cooler weather. Hopefully no one has done any sun damage to her skin and you have been wearing your sunscreen every day, I know I do.
Our August show is when we bring you exciting new Signature Club A products and on August 20th we will be introducing a new addition to our Platinum Electrocharged collection; a site specific, specialty product developed just for the area of your face that as you age starts to noticeably sag, droop and hang; your lower face and neck. It is called Platinum Electrocharged Lower Face and Neck Scaffold Repair Crème.
Feel the thickness of the skin in the different parts of your face; there is a difference between the skin you have on your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lower face and neck. A general cream, lotion or serum that is not “site specific” will not attack the specific problems of the lower face and neck. For example you’ve probably noticed the skin on your lower face & neck is sagging and is thicker than the thinner, sagging skin of your eye area, so the cream for your thinner eye area would not be helpful for your sagging, thicker lower face and neck skin.
Because of the ability of the Platinum Complex to deliver key ingredients to the areas of skin where they are most needed, our cosmetic chemists have been able to develop this site specific, specialized beauty treatment for the thicker skin on the face and neck; an area in need of special treatment.
As you have begun to age have you seen:
• The loss of skin’s elasticity in your lower face and neck area
• Your once firm jawline begin to blur
• Jowls become prominent
• Nose-to-mouth lines appear and deepen
• The beginning of a “turkey wattle” neck
Then Platinum Electrocharged Lower Face and Neck Scaffold Repair Night Crème is for you. It is a super charged night cream specifically developed for the lower face and neck. This crème over time will help to tighten, lift and firm the appearance of the skin in that area. We have some amazing before and after pictures . These are real woman who used the product for 30 days and saw an astonishing improvement in the appearance of their lower face and neck area.
I hope you will be tuning in to watch this new introduction. It is something you will not want to miss..
Enjoy the rest of the summer and please let me know how much you like our new addition after you use it for 30 days. The entire Signature Club A team in my office has been using the cream and seen amazing results and I know you will too.

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