Sarah Haviland’s Think Natural Household Cleaners Will Make Your Home a Better Place

Sarah Haviland, 29, of Shreveport, Louisiana, wins the fourth week of TLC’s Homemade Millionaire challenge with her own special brew of effective cleaning solutions. In addition to being the creator of Think Natural Household Cleaners, Sarah is an artist, author, and a community activist that is now passionate about getting her household cleaners into the hands of as many people as she possible in order to make the world a better place.  
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We chatted with Sarah to find out what some of her most memorable Homemade Millionaire moments were, and why we should make her product a part of our lives.  

Tell us about your “this is it” moment—the moment you knew that this product would make your dreams come true.  
Ha! Well, I was at home on bed rest (for six weeks!) due to some pregnancy complications, and I was on speaker phone with my husband, Michael. He was on air at the filming of the show when Kelly Ripa announced us as the winners. I actually screamed, and then cried. I’m not really the type to scream and cry, but I just couldn’t help it! In all honesty, I wasn’t completely surprised that we won. I felt very confident about the product, and had a gut-feeling that we would make it. But I just never win things, and have never won an opportunity of this magnitude. I guess, in that moment, I felt the amazing reality of it all.  
What are some ups and downs of the invention process? Any memorable or funny stories about testing your invention?  
I definitely won myself the reputation at work for being the nerd who “brewed” my own cleaners. I would get excited about the development of a new product, and bring some to work to give away. I had unpleasant instances here and there, like the time I accidentally spilled lemongrass essential oil all over my hand. The strong smell, that I once enjoyed, haunted me for an entire week. To this day, every time I smell lemongrass, I get a little nauseated.  
Another time, before I perfected my recipe for the all-purpose cleaner, I loaded up a mixture with way too much baking soda. A few minutes after cleaning my kitchen with it, I returned to find the entire room white, as if someone had been dusting for fingerprints at a crime scene.  
Another funny moment was when I created a product that could conduct its own energy! Basically, I was making a laundry detergent that was loaded with abrasive ingredients, such as washing soda in a metal bowl. After stirring for awhile, I realized that the bowl had become extremely hot. Then the mixture shocked the mess out of me! This became an issue I would have when making this product. Friction ending up being the culprit, but I would still joke that if nothing else, I ended discovering an alternative energy source!  
On a serious note, there are always ups and downs to an invention process.  There are seasons of great momentum, then times when it may seem like the idea is dying and is passed its prime. The key is just seeing it through, and not giving up prematurely, and truly believing in your product or idea. If you really believe in it, you will be driven to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  
What is the one, absolute reason why people should make your product a part of their lives?  
My product line has improved the quality of my life, and I hope it can do the same for others. You’ll see that my solutions are effective, and use simple ingredients are familiar and trustworthy instead of harsh ingredients. Why not go back to the basics with simple formulas that include things like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils when they work incredibly well?  I hope that people will do the research and educate themselves of their cleaning options, see how the simple ingredients I’ve used are effective cleaners, and switch to Think! Choose to Think!  
Now that you’re a Homemade Millionaire and HSNsuccess story, what’s your next step, dream or goal?  
Man! I’m still taking in this amazing reality, but I can’t help to envision expanding my line, and maybe even go international one day. At this point, why not just dream super big? Anything is possible!  
Check back each week after the airing of Homemade Millionaire on TLC for another special Q&A with the next inspiring winner.  
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Note from HSN:

Thank you for your questions! Think Natural Household Cleaners was a quick sellout success. We’re working on plans for the future and will let you know any updates. 


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