Sajen Silver Jewelry & More Mother Nature Inspiration from Colleen Lopez

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I have a confession to make – I have an obsession – and NO, it’s not jewelry – you already know about that one!
Sunsets. Yep, I’m addicted to sunsets!  If you’re my friend on Facebook, you already know about this obsession…..I just can’t resist taking a photo of a beautiful sunset. Mother nature is an amazing artist and I love to capture her work with my camera every time I have the chance! Sunsets are magic!  There’s nothing like watching the horizon change at the end of the day – it can instantly make one feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.
Every sunset has its own play of color and light.  Sometimes orange, gold and red take over and the sun goes down in a blaze of glory!  Other nights, the sunset is like a warm hug…leaving a rosy afterglow.  I’m always in awe of these natural wonders – being able to witness such beauty gives me a feeling of true joy!
It dawned on me today, that this is probably why I’m obsessed with the new Sajen Silver Opalized Quartz rings….It’s like having a sunset on your finger!  These stunning beauties combine cultured opal with faceted Brazilian quartz that create a play of light and color that Mother Nature would be proud to wear!  The 3 different stones capture rosy lilacs and pinks, firey golds and oranges, and tranquil greens and blues.  The stones will remind you of a salty ocean breezes, lazy summer days and hot summer nights!
Sajen Silver Today's Special  
Sajen Silver Today's Special
Sajen Silver Today's Special
I hope you will join Marianna and Richard Jacobs, and me as we debut this stunning creation on August 15th at midnight ET as our Today’s Special!
In the mean time, check out a few of my favorite Florida sunset photos from the past couple of months….

Take time to bask in the beauty of the sunsets in your neck of the woods and enjoy the rest of your summer!
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