Runway Photoshoot

Runway Photoshoot
A few weeks ago, a bunch of us got together to create an online/ exclusive Runway show. This photo shoot lasted ALL day and consisted of close to 25 incredible fall fashion looks. These looks are meant to inspire you and create for yourself in your own home.
The looks go live on on September 15th in honor of the big finale of our Fall Fashion Event presented by Elle. Once the looks are online, you will be able to click on each and every one, zoom in, turn the model around, and see what items make up the complete head-to-toe ensemble…you will not be disappointed!
We have some fun behind the scenes shots from the day, to “whet your appetite”. I was asked to pick a favorite, but to be honest… I love them all! We worked so hard on this, I hope that you love it as much as we do.
Make sure to come back to on September 15th to see how it all came out.

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