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Hi ladies, I am delighted and thrilled to have my own blog on HSN.com. I love hearing from you on air, and now you can ask me questions directly. My line is created with love, for all women, all shapes, all sizes, all ages. The Rhonda Shear Brand is a project of passion for me.

I lived and worked as an actress/comedienne for 26 years in Los Angeles. This was the reason I wanted to create a line that would make all women look and feel better, whether you are “in front of the camera” or in “front of other soccer moms.” We are multi-tasking, talened, and fabulous women. We juggle quite a bit in our daily life, whether we are executives, students, or moms. We love our “stuff” and we appreciate our private time. And we love to look great and feel great. It is empowering. It is amazing how a fabulous bra and panty can help in that regard! We need underpinnings, but we don’t want them to inhibit our daily routines or lifestyle. We want to feel free and look fabulous at all times.

I am just like you. I have always loved “dressing up” with pretty, stylish clothing & dresses. I love getting compliments! No doubt it became a little challenging as the years went on. Choices in the past were less, sizes were hard to find. That is why I love my brand being on HSN. They have something for everyone. Great styles, in all sizes, up to the minute looks. My brand is the foundation for those great styles! As we say, “Foundation is where Fashion starts.” And it is true! But we want our foundation to be comfortable and sexy and undetectable.

My background is Hollywood and I was inspired by old Hollywood Glamour I adore the old films and stars of yesterday. They were ladies, and they loved looking fabulous at all times. They knew how to flirt. They knew that “less is more.” Sexy can be modest…showing just a hint 🙂

I can’t wait to hear from you. I want to know what you want. I want to hear your feedback. If you are new to my brand, I want to give you some suggestions on how to get started. I know that the “Shapewear” word can “scare” gals. It sounds confining, hot, and uncomfortable. Trust me, I get it! I couldn’t handle that myself! I used to be stuffed into uncomfortable undergarments in my early years of acting in Hollywood. Ugh, it was a nightmare!!! That is when I made a promise to myself to one day design a fabulous line of comfortable, beautiful intimate apparel.

One of the most dreaded garments is “the brassiere”…torture devices initially invented by a man. Well, dread no more, my princesses. I have created the Ahhh Bra (item #527-967) It is called that, because it is like putting on a big sigh of relief. No hooks, no eyes, no underwire. Cool, comfortable, stretchy and adorable. My number one selling bra, and you will know why when you try it. It gives light, everyday support. Converts to your cup size, an you FORGET you are wearing a bra! Don’t forget the “Ahh Panty”. Light shaping, no riding up and unbelievable softness. Knitted of the finest yarns. (item # 532-124)

How my line started was with amazing shaping garments. We have refined those garments into being lightweight with firm control. Two things that don’t usually go together. I love my seamless line. Seamless means it is knitted on a special knittling machine with the finest of yarns. That means four way stretch and comfort while getting great control. There are no seams anywhere as it hugs and defines you. We knit in all the support. All you do is “Slim Into Slim.” Try our High Waist Shaper (item # 954-095). A lifted and toned looking derriere, inner and outer thigh control. A defined waistline and the appearance of weight loss. If you want the same results, but in a lacier version. If you want to just go with a great brief that doesn’t dig in, lifts, smoothes, shapes and controls…try our “Slip into Slim” Lace Mesh Brief # 921-942. A beautiful, feminine, lightweight collection that includes, bras, slips, and waist cinchers.

We have so many wonderful things to choose from on HSN.com, but I wanted to give you a sample of the things we just can’t keep in stock. The products that define my line. Like the “Pin Up Girl” Bra (248-320) and Panty (248-272). This is my best selling panty, and you will see why. Pure comfort and sex appeal. No panty lines, everyday shaping and comfort. Fun and whimsical in a tap length. Sizes xs to 4x.

Don’t forget to try my magical Butterknit collection. It is about pampering yourself, alone time. Try my Surplice Butterknit Gown 236-781. A little slice of heaven, that can be used as a cover-up, a nightie, a tunic. Rose petals, and whipped cream are what you think of when you caress this fabric. Comfort and freedom is what you get when you slip it on. We have a whole line of butterknit bras, panties, nightgowns, and robes. I know you will enjoy this collection.

You will see that my line is colorful, playful, practical, and has the sizes you are looking for. We pass along tremendous value to you. We want you to feel confident shopping on air and on line. We want you to know you are getting the latest technology in design and fabrication. You are getting a fabulous fit and generous sizing. For women, designed by a woman, with all my love!!! Enjoy!

Rhonda Shear

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  1. Hi Rhonda I have worn your double layer Ahh Bra for years I purchased them here at HSN and now desperately need replacements. I recently purchased some very pretty ones but they do not give me the support of the double layer I am a size 38 HH and can make do with the 2XL I am smaller across my back However I can not find them here at HSN or on your homepage PLEASE HELP HELP.
    Julie Parker faithful customer I also have your pin up support panties and love them

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