Rejuvinate Tired Summer Skin with Serious Skin Care

September is my time to organize and take inventory of our lives in the Stallone household.    We get back into a routine. Believe me, with the summer we have had –with Sly’s successful movie premiere, the visits to Florida for HSN and HSN’s exciting Las Vegas event –I welcome the idea of getting back to my routine. Like many of you, I have a personal beauty routine. I always do my best to care for my skin, but I use this time of seasonal transition as an opportunity to evaluate my skin and my skin care regimen.  Shop: Must-Have Daily Essentials
Summer, sun, swimming, being outdoors, traveling, crazy schedules—it all takes a toll on your skin. Those things lead to little lines, deeper wrinkles, discoloration, loose skin, and a dull complexion, and a serious need to save face!
Knowing that my own needs are really no different than yours, I worked with my team, and challenged them to really bring out the big guns for September. We have been planning on several new and effective skin-care treatments that we will introduce over the next six months.
Well, you know what I am going to tell you now, don’t you? I told my crew “We can’t wait SIX months for these new innovations. My ladies (and gentlemen) NEED THEM NOW!” That’s right, we’re introducing three remarkable new skin-care innovations this September, exclusively on HSN and
First is our Serious Skin Detailer. Want perfect skin? It’s all in the details! Youthful, glowing, smooth skin is achieved by serious attention to the details!  Lines, wrinkles, dullness, dryness—these signs accumulate and result in aging skin. Our Serious Skin Detailer is an amazing, esthetician-quality facial that identifies and details-out the accumulative effects of aging. The Serious Skin Detailer delivers deeply cleansed, brightened and rehydrated results, smoothing and retightening the look of the entire complexion.
Our other premiere is C Eye Opti Vibe. You have to feel this to believe it! An innovative, effective, new way to deliver the enriching benefits of our C Eye serum. This remarkable product uses state-of-the-art  microvibration, and three cold- metal rollers to evenly distribute Vitamin C Esters exactly where you need them the most. You’ll enjoy the look of diminished fine lines, diminished crow’s feet and a brightened eye area.
We will debut these new products in a special September 9th edition of the HSN Beauty Report, and then they will be available throughout the visit on HSN and I am so looking forward to seeing your reviews of these products here on, and in the online forums—they each are sure to be Customer Picks.  Speaking of Customer Picks, during the HSN LIVE from Las Vegas event, we launched the HydraPixel Correct to rave reviews on  I am so thrilled that you are loving our new  HydraPixel with extra coverage. And I’m sure you are going to love the new products I have planned for September, as well!
See you soon!
– Jennifer
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