Refresh Your Home for 2010

It’s February, and whatever New Years’ resolutions we made have either taken effect or been completely forgotten. Why do we always make promises that are so hard to keep anyway? Instead, I’m going to focus on the ones I followed through with, leaving those perfect abs for next month.
One promise I kept – move into a new home (admittedly, this was partly pre-planned), and bring with me only the things I love, finding new homes for things I don’t need. From plates and napkin rings to scarves and flip flops, moving to a new home gives you the opportunity to edit, re-edit, and then edit some more. The truth is though, couldn’t we all stand to weed out some of those unnecessary or unused possessions-especially when I hear from shelters as far north as Chicago that planes carrying survivors from the earthquake in Haiti are arriving every day and in desperate need of clothing, coats, suitcases and shampoo?
So, I challenge you to do what I did – move or not. Look around your homes, collect what you no longer like/need/wear and consider how it can make an impact on the immediate future of someone who is in need. This is a great time to do it. The bonus? Your rooms will feel fresher, and you can focus on making changes in your home that will lead to a greater sense of calm and peace.
Live well,

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